Global ecommerce ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, and hyperlocal C2C Greetings this new post I want to present in a very interesting and good project called “I want the market”, for more detailed information, let’s move on to the next discussion:We will provide articles to present the ”   WANT MARKET    ” project for prospective Platform participants and […]


TROY presents real cryptocurrency values ​​with GOLD tokens The TROY token, known as GOLD, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy TROY gold products using the Blockchain. Gold mined by Bullseye Mining ltd (Australia) will be used to make TROY gold products.Troy’s main mission is to use blockchain technology to provide alternative methods of raising funds to […]


ZooomEx New Cryptocurrency Exchange ZooomEx is a new cryptocurrency exchange! Exchange with the lowest trading commission represented on the market! the point is to make trading operations accessible to everyone! Zooomex does not strive to produce from clients, and creates a comfortable platform where it will be convenient to trade with everyone! Until September, trading commissions – 0%! Next, it […]


DABANKING Is that dabanking? Dabanking is  ready to become a blockchain service platform   that will support game application development   . As part of its goal of achieving its main goal,  Dabanking launched its first product,  Fomojackpot  , which aims to explain  the gaming industry  . In fact, the Dabanking project is based on the use of blokcheyne based games   , entertainment and assistance to players with alternative income ways on the Internet, as […]


GENERAL REVIEW OF COPYRIGHT CRYPTO HOPE HOPE ISKRA is a blockchain based platform that does not only cover types that are not only interested in helping people invest and improve their finances, but also experience what pain and injury needs to be done every day, and must be done together. find suitable ways to help the […]

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