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Blockchain Based Virtual World

Hello everyone… Here I will inform you by writing a review to introduce a very unique new project called Lepasa, so for that, have a look at the article I created below to give you a very good overview of the project, then Benefits what do they give everyone? Just go to the discussion below.



Freelancing is a mythological virtual life conceptualized by a team of artists and engineered by blockchain enthusiasts. His vision is to build an ecosystem that allows users to create, experience, and monetize their content and apps. Every creativity on Lepasa is an NFT token (ERC-721) and is always owned by its holder on the ethereum blockchain, giving them complete control wherever and whatever they want to use it. Creature is a rare digital asset that is non-exchangeable, transferable, stored in Ethereum smart contracts.

Recently it has garnered great interest from people in the virtual world, both for fun and experience. Unlike other virtual properties, Lepasa is not controlled by a centralized organization. There is no single authority with the power to change the rules of the software, content, token economy, or prevent others from accessing it. This document describes the ideology, technical stance, and economics of Freelancing.


Lepasa’s vision, is to create a mythological world that is a beautiful legendary habitat. Which will offer a social experience with an economy driven by layers of soil and the unique creatures of its owners, with content distribution. Developers will be able to build apps on top of Freelance, distribute them to users, and monetize them.

In future projects it is possible to implement peer-to-peer communication, script systems for interactive content, and cryptocurrency payment systems for transactions in the world. Communication layers for social experiences, providing positioning, posture, voice chat, and more; This can be achieved with a P2P network. A script system is a tool that landowners can use to describe the behavior and interactions of 3D objects, sounds, and applications running on blocks of land.

The planned zone and its above-ground development capabilities will make the Lepasa block of land unique. Each block of land will be assigned a unique address with the special characteristics of the area. This will help with the spatial discovery of new content and the creation of custom themes. Blocks in Lepasa have increased the amount of proximity. In addition, adjacent content blocks can be seen from a distance. For content creators, the establishment of zones that provide access to targeted traffic; for end users, it allows discovery of themed experiences. Users can travel through the environment and interact with the applications they find. Developers can acquire users by buying land in high-interest areas. This will allow a secondary market to develop around land ownership and leasing, as has happened with other cyber projects.

Possible Use Cases

Apps & Games: The scripting language will allow to develop applications, games, gambling, and dynamic 3D scenes and to handle a wide range of capabilities, including creating objects, loading textures, handling physics, coding user interactions, sound, payments, and external calls, among others .

Advertising: Brands can advertise using billboards near, or on, high-interest land blocks to promote their products, services and events. Some environments may be virtual versions of locations that stand out to advertisers due to high user interest. In addition, brands can showcase products, services and create shared experiences to engage with their audience.

Digital Collections (NFT): We expect users to publish, distribute and collect rare digital assets issued by Lepasa and other blockchain projects by their creators. As is the case today in other virtual worlds or via online forums, these digital assets will be traded in this world via a scripting system and supported by the above-mentioned naming system.


The emergence of major social media platforms, such as Facebook and Tiktok has enabled hundreds of millions of users to gather, interact, share content, and play games. All these platforms are controlled by a centralized organization. Lepasa aims to build a platform that allows its content creators to own and capture the full value of their contributions.

Crypto asset adoption is still in its early stages, blockchain based infrastructure makes it robust for creators and holders. Since then, While the blockchain infrastructure, pioneered by Ethereum, It is easier and more stable for developers to build more secure applications through Lepasa. Blockchain technology makes virtual reality more scalable and a logical business opportunity. There may be endless possibilities and imagination.


Ikhtisar NFT

Non-Fungible Tokens are a new and exciting product in the luxury market. As the crypto community is blessed in terms of scrutiny, But the current offerings are not mature enough to monetize the market.

NFT is still in its early stages in many aspects. And there are many strong use cases for potential businesses in the current situation viz.

A. Art
B. Virtual Land
C. Games
D. Animation Collection

These four categories are rated the most promising as NFT and in the future Lepasa will serve them all.


Legendary Lepasa is created exclusively for the Lepasa community and can only be obtained with a $ LEPA token.

High Liquidity: The $LEPA token provides sufficient liquidity to project to exchange between NFT and tokens

Hyper Deflation: Each swap burns $LEPA tokens, which ensures continuous scarcity.

Staking: Hold $LEPA tokens and stake for rewards.

Crosschain: Access $LEPA on multiple public blockchains.

Legendary Lepasa is created exclusively for the Lepasa community and can only be obtained with a $ LEPA token.

High Liquidity: The $LEPA token provides sufficient liquidity to project to exchange between NFT and tokens

Hyper Deflation: Each swap burns $LEPA tokens, which ensures continuous scarcity.

Staking: Hold $LEPA tokens and stake for rewards.

Crosschain: Access $LEPA on multiple public blockchains.

It is important for you to know the token economy and how we will use the funds.

Total Supply: 100 M

Initial Circulation Supply: Less than 10%

List Price: $0.15

Public Sale: $0.10

Token Distribution
Everything you want to know about Free Token Distribution.

1% Public sale — Price: $0.10

List Price — $0.15

Strategic & Private Distribution — 10% will be awarded in the list, Then given daily for a period of 365 days.

Basic Recommendation – After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.

Marketing & Business Development — 10% awarded on listings, Then awarded daily for 365 days.

Liquidity — 10% of the total supply is allocated for liquidity.

Team — After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.

Advisor – After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.

Use of Funds
This is how the funds will be used.

40% of the funds will be used to support development.

Marketing actions such as market entry strategies will reach 20% of the total funds raised.

Law and Accounting will represent 10% of the total funds raised.

30% of the funds will be used to provide liquidity to the exchange.

CertiK Partners with Lepasa

Lepasa is mainly based on the Ethereum blockchain and the $Lepa token is hosted on the ERC-20 Smart Contract. The token will also have a bridge service with a cross-chain platform.

CertiK will audit the Freelancing Smart Contract and provide detailed information on how transparent and clean the integration we have done with the Ethereum Smart Contract is.

Lepasa has a total of 7 ERC-20 Smart contracts. The audit process will cover all ERC-20 Release Smart Contracts as set out below:

Lepa Token Contract: This contract represents the method of token creation, distribution and burning.
Strategic: This contract governs strategic partner allocation and vesting method.
Team: This contract holds tokens for the allocation of the founding team and their vesting method as stated on the website.
Marketing: This contract holds the distribution of tokens for marketing and distribution of ecosystem building with their vesting method.
Advisory : This contract provides distribution for the Lepasa advisory board and its members using the vesting method, which is 1 year lock in and then vesting for 365 days.
Foundation: Lepasa has recommended 10% tokens as a base reserve and they are locked in for 1 year and over daily vesting for 365 days. This contract holds the vesting method.
Liquidity: This contract holds the distributions and methods for their liquidity and vesting providers.
Audit certificates help new users calculate projects seamlessly. It also damages the reputation of the project on the basis of trust and transparency. Live tracks on processes and certificates after audit completion can be found here .

As mentioned earlier, Lepasa has been built with a vision to create a mythological virtual world with unique 3D NFT art that gives users not only images but also access to actual source files. These source files come with many possibilities ranging from games, videos, images to other NFTs.

The utility tokens on the platform too, have a limited supply thus carrying the potential to provide large returns to investors in both the long and short term. Lepasa is also featured on CoinMarketCap and NewsBTC in addition to partnering with Polygon|Matic

For more information click the link below:
Website: https://www.lepasa.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.lepasa.com/assets/docs/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/lepasa_discuss

Medium: https://lepasa.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lepasaorg

Username: NeymarJrs
link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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