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Basis Data Platform Multi-Rantai Dexgem.

is an unlicensed and community regulated launch pad. projects to increase liquidity in a secure & decentralized Community that will select projects to list on the launch pad.

Project developers are welcome to use our security feature which allows them to lock their liquidity provider tokens.

Locking liquidity is becoming the standard in the DeFi industry, and we are proud to reaffirm this concept brought to market by Dexgem.

As a token developer, our technology can help you launch your project. We collaborate with a growing number of third-party providers who can review various aspects of your product.

As an incubator, you can also use our technology to launch your own incubation project.

And as an investor, feel free to browse the latest projects, carefully read reports from external providers, and most importantly never forget your own due diligence before participating in any form. We highly recommend reading our entire T&C.

About Dexgem

Dexgem is a Multi Chain Decentralized Protocol and a community governed launch pad

Dexgem Originally deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, our service will operate across multiple chains, enabling projects, communities, and token developers to use tools that suit them.

Why Dexgem?

As the Binance smart chain ecosystem grows, more projects are expected to appear out of nowhere. For every new project that comes out, many bad actors can take advantage of the freedom and permissionless nature of DeFi to scam users with their hard-earned money. To protect investors’ funds and save legitimate projects from inconvenient pre-sale hurdles, Dexgem offers a secure platform where the community is in complete control over the pre-sale process of a project.

Give back strength to the community

Our goal is to create a safe, unlicensed, community-regulated ILO ecosystem. The Dexgem token will play an important role in this, characterized by many utilities. Today, many launch pads use an overly bureaucratic and complex system for determining which projects to feature on their platforms. We differ in the sense that future projects can push their product into the mainstream in a more unlicensed way. After that, it is up to the community to decide which projects to register for funding. A successful incubation program at Dexgem will reward the project with token grants which will only be released after a certain time, with community approval, of course.


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For more information, please visit Dexgem

Website: https://dexgem.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/dexgemcom

Media: https://dexgem.medium.com

Github : https://github.com/Dexgem

Document: https://dexgem.gitbook.io

Username: NeymarJrs
link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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