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The NFT or non-fungible show is a show that grants automated substance to be gotten using blockchain development. The NFT show is really versatile and can be done in various regions generally, without any impediments or various things. Specialists can use the NFT show on Ethereum, BSC, and other blockchains. Likewise, by and by various stages, especially Digital stages, have taken on the NFT show on their establishment because of the many advantages it brings.

Digital Arms is a NFT trading stage zeroing in on weapons, gaming, and hunting enthusiasts. Digital Arms course of action is to allow customers to get to various arrangements related to NFT like trading, token age, vendor game plans, and others. Digital Arms is zeroing in on the hunting and weapons industry to have the alternative to dispatch NFT tokens related with their things so overall customers can see how their things are as tradable NFT tokens.

Digital Arms is an organic framework that targets individuals who have weapons just as the people who regard weapons and wish to have them in tradable Digital structure. With an answer like this, the side interests of shooters, gamers, and finders can be worked with.

Digital Arms is here as a phase that will work with trackers, gamers, and finders to have weapons in cutting edge structure that they can adjust. Automated Arms utilizes the NFT show to have the choice to give customers a phase that will work with the customer’s diversion of having Digital weapons. Mechanized Arms gives plans, for instance, NFT allowing, gaming blend, and vendor courses of action. With this course of action, firearms, gaming, and hunting darlings can be worked with for their various necessities. Digital Arms has the vision to transform into a NFT stage that will transform into a top selection of shooters, gamers, and weapons specialists around the world.

Digital Arms Features
Digital Arms is a NFT trading stage that destinations weapons, gaming, and hunting fans. The components introduced by Digital Arms engage customers to guarantee weapons as tradable NFT tokens. Customers can change their weapons as they would like. However, that isn’t all, there are a couple of various components of Digital Arms:
– Global NFT Licensing Rights: solely by assisting the overall hunting and weapon organizations, Digital Arms means to have the choice to dispatch NFT tokens according to their things. Later this weapon as NFT tokens can be introduced to overall customers.
– NFT Gaming Integration: Digital Arms grants coordination with gaming stages to make firearms on their establishment. Later each NFT will have a remarkable identifier which will allow different pieces of programming.
– Merchants: a seller course of action that enables brokers worldwide to make their own stores inside Digital Arms and show their work and items on Digital Arms. Later these sellers can get $HNTR tokens for portion for their things and organizations.

The Digital Arms stage licenses customers to have a neighborhood Digital Arms token for instance HNTR token. The HNTR token is Digital Arms’ simply nearby token and will fill in as a utility token on the stage, which implies customers can use the HNTR token for various things like portions, adventures, etc HNTR tokens can moreover be embraced by vendors who have composed with Digital Arms for their portion plans. HNTR has an instrument whereby the supply of these tokens will lessen with trades, which suggests that the extraordinary quality of these tokens will construct which will impact the expense.
Starting Circulating Supply ($HNTR): 87,500,000 tokens
Public Sale Price: $0.03
Starting Circulating Market Cap: $2,625,000 USD

Link Purchase : https://tokensale.hunter-token.com/Registration

The Digital Armory will enable particular components for the NFTs that no other business community can offer. This may fuse the burning-through of NFTs for compensations constrained


● 2021 — Q3
Establishment of CEO and Team Company formation
White paper
Licensing Agreements with industry-leading brands

● 2021 — Q4
Hunter Token website created
Development of Digital Arms Platform concludes
Wallet development concludes
Digital Arms website development concludes
Listing on Pancake swap

● 2022 — Q1
First licensed brand NFT minting
Digital Arms website release
Staking available for Hunter Token
Development of Hunting Satan Booking platform

● 2022 — Q2
Second NFT rewards token announcement
NFT Staking / Bumping introduced
NFT integration to gaming and metaverse
Secondary NFT marketplace available

● 2022 — Q3
Digital Arms App.
Augmented reality integrated with NFTs
User interaction
Fully operational first and secondary marketplace


The core team is an excellent combination of technology, business and strategy. Coming from various backgrounds including SME management, business development, marketing and the firearms and gaming industries, our combined experience provides a strong foundation for the Digital Arms project.

Chris Watkins, Founder
Chris Watkins is a hands-on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with expertise in business development and operations, through strategic foresight, drive, and determination, Chris built a strong foundation for his successful multimillion-dollar company TSA Outdoors, of which has capitalized on managing SMEs from a c-suite level.lAs a leader and self sufficient innovator, 2021 has seen Chris be the driver in developing Digital Arms and Hunter token

Nathan Dudney, VP BizDev
Nathan has had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the contractual relations and sales space. He has spent more than ten years working with firearms manufacturers across a variety of roles including product management, sales and marketing, program management, manufacturing and business management.

Mike Sexton, CTO
Mike is a seasoned solution architect and software developer with experience across a broad range of technologies and industries. He has a passion for blockchain and a keen vision for the future of these disruptive technologies. With over 25 years of experience working for large corporates and consulting firms, Mike has been through all stages of complex system builds and implementations.

Matt Garrod, CFO
Matthew is the Chief Financial Officer of Digital Arms and has 18 years of experience working across the UK and Australia in a variety of commercial and finance roles. Matthew’s role will have an emphasis on identifying, understanding and managing financial risks of the project, as well as on looking after investor relations.

Ben Clarke, CMO
Ben is the Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Arms, bringing over 12 years of experience working with top tier brands. Ben’s ability to effectively develop and enhance business relationships will be utilized for the Digital Arms project.

Sarah Edwards, Head of Design
Sarah Edwards heads up Design and Branding for Digital Arms. She has been working in the digital design space for over 20 years and her skills range widely from visual, digital and user interface to print and packaging solutions.

 by the phenomenon class and the ability to stake NFTs.

Website : https://www.hunter-token.com/
Whitepaper : https://docsend.com/view/gcfdaiymvyqcakkh
Telegram : https://t.me/huntertokenofficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DigitalArmsNFT

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/digitalarmsnft

Username: NeymarJrs link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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