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IX Swap

IX Swap is a globally distributed organization

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a general business focus (P2P) partnering with advanced cash buyers and vendors. Instead of a concentrated exchange (CEX), the decentralized stage is non-custodial, which implies the customer remains responsible for their private keys while executing on the DEX stage.

About IX Swap

IX Swapis a decentralized exchange for security tokens and tokenized shares. It has set September 8th for delivery of basic decentralized exchange (IDO) offerings at Occam and Poolz, the two driving delivery organizations for the DeFi space. The multi-platform delivery of IXS tokens will similarly incorporate the KuCoin Spotlight, which begins on the third of September and will run until the IEO occurs at the same time as the IDO.

Our Mission

Defeat any issue between DeFi and CeFi, Bringing liquidity to the STO market The security token industry is poised for its recovery, however businesses are really facing a major concern of conflict i.e. trading liquidity due to lack of licensees and market makers in the market. business.

IX Swap’s main goal is to use blockchain development to put together a liquidity plan and system for a security token climate, providing overall trading and induction to this invisible asset class.

The way it works

Here’s how the IX Swap plan works: addressing the issue of low liquidity in security token commitments (STO) and token security commitments (TSO) by providing liquidity pools and robotic market makers (AMM) for security tokens and tokenized assets. This token holder assistant is even more effective at trading, staking, earning and crediting assets, just like taking part in liquidity mining.

By addressing the switching, joining, and onboarding issues that the DeFi space sees, IX Swap helps clear the way for the private marketplace and the blockchain space in general. It has been surveyed that more than $7.5 trillion is held in private assets, and that these assets could benefit from breaking the liquidity bottleneck that for a very significant period of time holds back various large monetary hedges to re-enter and look into the illiquid part of the market. personal, for example, business, personal values, shared assets, and trade in goods such as wood and that is just the beginning.


The IX Swap team started its journey to kickstart cross-chain compatibility by integrating with Polygon’s full-stack scaling solution to combat the current gas cost issues our community is experiencing on the main Ethereum network and provide cross-chain access to the Polygon community.

IX Swap launched our liquidity mining and yield farming app on Ethereum in September 2021, shortly after our token launch. However, since this pool is developed on Ethereum, the cost of gas becomes very high, the main underlying issue that affects most of the DeFi community.

Allocation Token

Liquidity Provider 60% Prizes Distributed as

Staking Rewards IXS Cadangan 40%IXS Moon Vault

IXS Solar Vault

THE Insurance Vault

IXS Reserver 40% IXS Reserve Vault

Token Use Case

Native tokens: IXS Tokens are native tokens in IX Swap and will act as an incentive reward for contributing to the growth of the ecosystem

Swap Fee: IXS Token holders will be able to stake their holdings to receive a share of the swap fee

Paired Pools: Paired group IXS will increase the return over unpaired group IXS

Insurance: IL Insurance will also be available for IXS -installed groups

Payment Token: IXS will also be the native payment token on the InvestaX licensed STO CEX platform

Native Tokens: IXS tokens are native tokens on IX Swap and will act as an incentive reward for contributing to

Ecosystem growth team

IX Swap is a globally distributed organization with diverse teams working together in different countries and still growing. Through their extensive knowledge and experience, the team has come together to solve a key infrastructure problem namely liquidity in the security token ecosystem.

The team behind IX Swap have built over 15+ companies among team members and have extensive experience in the capital markets and blockchain chain space.

S. Alice Chen

Co-Founder & General Counsel

Aaron Ong

Co-Founder & Business Development

Julian Kwan


Asaf Yosifov

Managing Partner

Tzahi Kanza

Managing Partner

Alexander Velchev

Project Manager

Alexander Cucer

Chief Technology Officer

Vincent Ho

Head of Engineering

Sharaa Miran

Investment & Business Development Analyst

Herbert Si

Deal Originations

Nistha Pandey

Legal & Compliance

Darren Wong

Head of Sales and Distribution Business Analyst

Myroslava Klymenko John Neil DevOps Engineer Yaroslav Garkusha Blockchain Developer Blockchain Developer Victoria Florea Blockchain Developer Thi Nguyen Developer Harsh Bahree Software Yevhen Hnennyi UI/UX Designer Dimitry Bizga Web Developer Roadmap


By doing this, IX Swap efficiently bridges the gap between centralized finance and DeFi. It also brings the many benefits of STO for all types of projects, such as launching an IPO and ensuring compliance. STOs also help raise funds, break free from over-reliance on illiquid assets such as venture capital and private equity, and enter new markets.

For more information :

Website:    https://ixswap.io/

Telegram :   https://t.me/ixswapofficial

Twitter :   https://twitter.com/IxSwap

Youtube :   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaYPNR-eLs9iuB5ZVKRx-fw

Username: NeymarJrs link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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