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DIFX – Digital Financial Exchange

DIFX is the first comprehensive ecosystem with the unique advantage of accommodating major trading verticals in one unified offering package. these all aim to create a safe working model and a hybrid of centralized & decentralized exchanges that incorporate atomic exchanges. DIFX is the first true cross-asset trading platform based on the blockchain. This unique comprehensive ecosystem is redefining the global online trading landscape. The DIFX ecosystem offers three dimensions: EXCHANGE, WALLET SERVICE & TRADING ASSETS. DIFX is a blockchain based cross-asset Trading Platform. This unique comprehensive ecosystem is redefining the global online trading landscape. The DIFX ecosystem offers three dimensions: EXCHANGE, WALLET SERVICE & CROSSET ASSET PLATFORM.

DIFX’s mission is to create a highly secure and hybrid working model of centralized & decentralized exchange with the power of Blockchain technology.

want to create a new financial order, where Digital Currency is used for direct settlement between payer and receiver. This platform will help millions of unbanked individuals use digital currency because of its simplicity in use.
We will leverage blockchain technology to make money transfer services accessible and to add value to our customers for profitable use of digital assets.

we will reduce turnaround time and will provide efficiency when exchanging with others only with unchanging ledger records and high security transaction networks.

DIFX Features:
1. Encrypt tracks using the latest tools such as VPN, SSH, and 256-bit AES encryption.

2. Individual verification of important details to avoid identity theft and other forms of fraud.

3. AES encryption prevention: Advanced encryption algorithm that decrypts encrypted confidential data.

4.Anti-CSRF Token: CSRF is a Cross Site Request Forgery, which is a type of attack in which a malicious actor performs unwanted actions on a trusted site.

5. Email ID Encryption: Prevent hackers from decrypting / editing our email addresses using our database.

6. Device based tracking (IP Address, MAC Address / Mobile Device ID, User) and IP based admin panel login.

7. Implementation of hidden mail system for exchange to find out current login credentials for admin panel, if hackers change them internally or externally.

8. The database maintains a log of admin login patterns and incorrect login attempts.

9. Auto logout and re-login for admin to protect against attempted hacks on ongoing sessions.

10. We continue to explore the latest techniques to strengthen our safety measures and service security features. We have a development board where our team is constantly assessing new features and algorithms that can improve the security and performance of all components of our exchange.

Unique features of both Difx аnd hаѕ, оf course, this feature іѕ diffx
platform ➡️Ieo
➡️Liquidity Provider
➡️Desk Institutional
➡️Leveraged Trade
maker ➡️Market
➡️White Label Solutions
➡️Bounty Users
➡️ USER FRIENDLY Interface

blockchain is ranked one of the top 5 emerging technologies in 2019 by the World Economic Forum and is speculated to hold 10% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025.
With this in mind, DIFX was created as a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. which will have a significant and lasting impact on trading in financial products. After that, create the first cross-asset blockchain-based trading network that will connect individuals, large brokers, companies and also solve real-world payment problems by providing simple, effective, secure payment and cross-border trading solutions.

There are variants that can be traded across various asset classes contained in the decentralized platform created by DIFX:

Crypto to Crypto
Crypto to Forex
Crypto for Commodities
Crypto to Stock CFDs
Crypto to Index
Our cryptocurrency exchange will feature a unique token betting mechanism and a powerful trading UI.

Low trading fees and will get bonuses & discounts for reference holders of the DIFX crowd funding platform

The first cross asset exchange by DIFX will bring significant and lasting changes to trading financial products. All DIFX products and services can be purchased with DIFX tokens. Contemporary methodology of Product / Service / Cryptocurrency marketing through Digital media.

DIFX multi-currency wallet technical functions:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other systems automatically generate statistics for all account balances displayed in USD, Euros or Yuan Dollars

Quick Connect

safe and profitable

Easy Exchange

Exchange Alone



Seed Sales, Supply-100 Million, Price- $ 0.18
Private Sales, Supply-94 Million, Price- $ 0.21
Public Sale, Supply-55 Million, Price- $ 0.24

• Symbol: DIFX
• Total supply: 550 Million Tokens
• Soft Cap: USD 13.2 Million
• Hard Cap: USD 50.94 Million
• Acceptable payment options: BTC, ETH, USDT
• Acceptable payment gateways: we are in discussion with some players, and this will be updated in the whitepaper as soon as it is done (we do wire transfer)
Token details:


Budget allocation:


Token Allocation:




Each exchange market offers its own advantages for attracting users to join their platform, but some still have limited transaction features. DIFX tries to complement features not found on some exchange markets and to complement or even enhance. This will be a special attraction that will make the competition between exchanges even more attractive. Whether DIFX Exchange can compete among hundreds of existing exchangers will be determined by the hard work of the team in realizing the perfection of the exchange and a good marketing strategy. We wish the DIFX Exchange a success so that we can share the profits.



Website:  https://difx.io/
Whitepaper:  https://www.difx.io/pdf/DIFX_WhitePaper.pdf
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/difx_io
Facebook:  https: // www. facebook .com / difxexchange /
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/difx-io/
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/difx.io/
Reddit:  https: //www.reddit. com / user / DIFX_
Discord:  https://discord.com/invite/nU5gpgxW
Telegram:  https://t.me/difx1
Thread:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5312227

Username: NeymarJrs

link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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