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 Review BucksCake Decentralized Finance (DeFi) | BucksCake offers users the ability to earn money by Staking, Yield Farming and Cloud Mining.

About the BucksCake Project?BKC is a DeFi protocol that aims to provide maximum drawback to the Ethereum ecosystem for everyone with access to the internet. BKC is unique in that it provides a completely secure and transparent experience as evidenced by smart contracts and a strong token system. BKC offers many services, ranging from staking and agricultural produce, which can be accessed by users on the unified BucksCake platform.


History shows that banks, governments and financial systems are damaged and sensitive to changes in the global economic situation. BucksCake aims to offer our users a decentralized financial system by offering blockchain-based services that are decentralized, more transparent and economically viable in lieu of services traditionally provided by centralized institutions. We face challenges and uncertainties on a daily basis as a result of global events that cannot predictable which causes economic turmoil and instability. So, there is a growing need for a decentralized, comprehensive and reliable financial system that works for everyone. Still in their infancy, cryptocurrency and decentralized financial systems prove that there is an impartial alternative to traditional financial services provided to everyone, especially those who need them.

This can be done by DeFi because the smart contract technology behind it allows developers to build functionality that is much more sophisticated than simply sending or receiving digital currency.

DeFi can be a global alternative to any financial service in use today. For example, savings, loans, trade, insurance and others can be accessed by anyone in the world only by using a smartphone and an internet connection. And to see a clearer explanation please contact this website:   https://buckscake.com/

BucksCake Features:


Users are interested in placing their tokens with Uniswap liquidity provider. Commissions from these tokens are processed. This commission percentage is distributed according to an autonomous strategy, such as the liquidity of LP tokens, and is converted into a buyback (ETH-BKC) (increasing the price). Every BKC token purchased will be sent to the speaker / farmer.


BKC has a strong impact on every token. Every time BKC tokens are transferred, a small commission is charged directly by the farmers. This mechanism of action promotes maintenance and agriculture. The maximum number of BKC tokens is 450,000 units. And there will never be more of them.


BKC holders will be able to vote on various proposals as long as they stake liquidity in the pool. The community will decide everything from developer fees and site design to access to certain farming options.

Token Distribution

The initial BKC will be distributed during the pre-sale event, where a portion of the ETH received will be exchanged for the BKC that delivers its first “price pump” project. After the pre-sale ends, unsold BKCs will be distributed among users as a one-time subsidy. As indicated earlier, BKC has no mining capability, the BKC limit (450,000) is fixed forever. There’s no way to release more BKCs. The part of the unsold BKC will be used to add liquidity to other DEX platforms such as SushiSwap, and some of this will be distributed as an Airdrop to the first investors and media partners and some will be burned.

Token Bet

The BKC staking protocol allows users to stake ETH, USDT, DAI, USDC, WBTC, BNB (ERC20) and of course BKC using a special Staking DApp. With a 72 hour lockout period, users can immediately control their own tokens. The BKC Staking DApp can be found at: ssilka Unlike other platforms, BKC offers a fixed% return on their staked assets rather than offering an introductory high APR, which usually diminishes over a period of time. Our cuts ensure long-term stability with the current state of the token structure and a limited amount of 450,000 BKC as there are no mint terms in our token contracts.

Staking on our platform is designed to be as fast and easy as possible. With one 72 hour lockout period, users can enjoy the benefits of using our platform. Users can withdraw their funds at any time after the end of the lockout period. The prizes earned can be collected without any commission, excluding current gas prices. The token staked on our platform will reduce the available circulating supply, which will have a positive impact on the BKC price.

Agricultural produce

Yield Farming, or as some call it Liquidity Mining, is a major pillar of DeFi’s advancement in the blockchain space. Yield Farming is a way to collect income from invested funds. BKC Farming allows you to get rewarded for providing liquidity across multiple liquidity pools. Users will be given a guaranteed payment of the Uniswap commission. The amount of the prize depends on the number of tokens provided for pool liquidity. The more members who join the base, the less each member will receive in the long run. When you add liquidity to the pool, you receive UNIv2 tokens (BKC-ETH) for the wallet you use to add liquidity. This token is your access to the current farm pool on the BKC platform.

Vault Returns

User Section A: (UNI-V2 is kept by you, I contract the total balance of UNI-V2) For example if there are 9,000 UNI-V2 (BKC / ETH) tokens collected in this Vault, and the user deposits 1000 UNI-V2. The total balance of token contracts collected by UNI-V2 (BKC-ETH) is 10,000. And User A’s share now is: 1000 / 10,000 = 10% If user “B” deposits another 10,000 UNI-V2 (BKC-ETH) Tokens collected into this vault, the total contract balance of the UNI-V2 (BKC-ETH) Token which is collected to 20,000. User A’s new share becomes: 1000 / 20,000 = 5% If 200 BETH2 tokens are distributed to this vault per month, User A’s earnings will be 200 x his share in% In the 5% share, his earnings will be 200 x 5% = 10 BETH2

BKC BKC is the token ERC20 and used by all the services provided by BucksCake. The maximum supply is 450,000 BKC tokens. Tokens can shrink and the incineration mechanism destroys the farm and stakes tokens after a while, leaving the final token amount (450,000–90,000) in tokens. A total of 90,000 tokens will be removed from the ecosystem and a report will be posted to the community.

Alokasi Token
Presale: 94,500 BKC – 21%
Community: 135,000 BKC – 30%
Staking: 90,000 BKC – 20%
Liquidity Lock: 90,000 BKC – 20%
Pemasaran: 9,000 BKC – 2%
Tim: 22,500 BKC – 5%
Cadangan: 9,000 BKC – 2%

To start earning, you will need:

Register   and deposit with  BKC, ETH, WBTC, USDT, DAI, USDC or BNB  .
Choose a mining plan
. Three packages are available.

Key points

Be one of us

Don’t miss the chance to buy BKC in Round 1!

Main price is 2 USDT-12 main price is 20 USDT.

The exchange displays pre-sale and post-sale prices and nothing will be less.

Only 94,500 BKCs were sold.

For more information:

Website:    https://buckscake.com/
WhitePaper:    https://buckscake.com/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram Bot:    https://t.me/buckscake_bot
Twitter:    https://twitter.com/bucks_cake
Telegram Hub:    https: //t.me/BucksCakeHub

Username: NeymarJrs link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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