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Good Project Crystal Elephant Token.

Tron, as one of the most soaring cryptos, it has very good potential to grow in the market. Tron was ranked 56th a few months ago, but has now secured the 13th position according to CoinMarketCap. When Tron emerges from Ethereum, there is a good chance of reaching 0.4 USD in the next 5-8 months.

An original project rated well and I think it makes sense to join this project, because I see future developments..they have. A clear and impressive concept

This project has a very bright future, because I think this project is too perfect to be true. This is a really cool and innovative project. The future belongs to a project like this

Unique project, with a clear road map with an experienced and successful team. I see a project from the start, watch its progress every day.

How it works:

The basic structure for the Crystal Elephant Token (CETO) contract will come from a well-inspected and audited mock open source P3D contract – also known as an hourglass contract – with modifications made to promote longevity. Tokenholder is encouraged to hold tokens for 30+ days or suffer a sliding scale sliding penalty for early withdrawals. Penalties are added to transaction fees and distributed to other token holders.

Trade TRX for tokens. The more TRX in the contract, the more valuable your token will be. Pay your taxes (10% per transaction) and watch dividends flow as you Hold On for Dear Life. The key here is PATIENCE: there is a withdrawal penalty without it. After 30 days, you are entitled to extract 100% of your deposit. But before that? Learn to live with more, less.

Most hourglass contracts suffer from pump-and-dumps – early users / users log in early and withdraw their funds later at the same time – thus jeopardizing their lifecycle. CETO offers strength through consistency.

Exchange TRX for CETO, which increases and decreases the value of TRX with each token purchase or sale.

It’s a bit complicated and very math based – be patient. Each token purchased increases gradually more than the previous token. If our initial token price starts at 0.001 TRX, the increment goes up by 0.0001 TRX for each additional token. 


Autonomous, untrustworthy, decentralized – as contracts should be.


All transactions are subject to 10% tax – and distributed to token holders who understand that.


If you can’t handle CETO on the tenth day, you don’t deserve it on the thirtieth day.

● Abundant

Always there when you need it: no token limit! But the more TRX in the contract, the more expensive the CETO.


Every day is payday. Making money is still fun here, right?


Buy or sell tokens, the price goes up / down a little more (~ .0001 TRX). Very easy.


We buy when you buy – and we’ll do it for the long term. Every day is someone’s thirtieth day.


Share the wealth and invite some friends! Get your own referral link and enjoy 1/3 of your referral dividend too.


Based on the popular open source P3D contract, it provides incentives for longevity. We didn’t create hourglass contracts – we just did

Crystal Elephant Token., Image # 3
● Investing

“Blue Elephant loves Anacott Steel.” Requires crypto to make crypto.

● Wait

Where patience – and loyalty – is rewarded. Impatience – and fear – is punished.

● Reinvest

The only thing better than div is MORE div.


● If necessary, create a Tronlink or other compatible web wallet

● Get TRX. If you need to use a fiat-to-crypto exchange, we recommend Bittrex or the Atomic Wallet

● Transfer TRX (or return your Tron wallet address) to your Tronlink wallet

● Create an account

● The CETO contract will be linked to your Tronlink wallet

● Exchange TRX for CETO

● Enjoy receiving dividends

● Create and share your referral link to earn more dividends

● Hold more than 100 CETO in your wallet and create your own custom referral link to share with others

Ride proud

Proud to be a crystal elephant? The word cattle is because you can buy CETO products with tokens exclusively from our upcoming online shop.

There is no alternative text for this image

See elephants in every room, elephants.

Exchange TRX to CETO via TronLink or a compatible web wallet. It’s not as difficult as you think.

Every time someone buys CETO with TRX, the price of CETO will go up. Every time someone sells CETO for TRX, the price goes down.

When someone makes any kind of transaction, 10% will be distributed and distributed to each token holder proportionally.

Go anytime. Just know whether your money will be spent within 30 days after deposit: 0-9 days on sale, -75% of principal

● Sell 10-19 days, -50% principal

● Sell 20-29 days, principal -25%

● Sell for more than 30 days, get 100% of your principal

Dividends, withdrawals, refunds, currency fluctuations

the first day

● Convert 100,000 (current CETO price = 2.36 TRX) to 42,341 CETO.

● Reduce 10% transaction costs + reinvest dividends.

● TRX = $ 0.03 USD. Initial value = $ 3,000

● Balance: 44,426 CETO / 100,749 TRX (25% withdrawable = 11,107 CETO /

34,335 TRX);

● Dividend balance: 1,005 TRX. The wallet is worth $ 3,023 and withdrawals are worth $ 1030.

2. Day 12 (reinvesting for 11 days every day)

Assume the 269 TRX daily token dividend rate is 0.2%. (Current CETO Price = 2.8 TRX).

● Reinvest at 269 TRX. Subtract 10% from transaction fees.

● Balance: 45,148 CETO / 126,297 TRX (50% withdrawable = 22,574 CETO / 63,149 TRX).

●Dividend balance: 0. TRX= $0.0275 USD.

● Wallet value $ 3473, dividend value $ 0, withdrawal value $ 1737.

3. 22nd day (10 days for reinvestment and daily withdrawals):

Assume the daily token dividend rate of 295 TRX is 0.2%. (Current CETO price = 3.35 TRX).

● Extract 295 TRX.

● Balance: 45,330 CETO / 151,878 TRX (75% of 33,998 CETO / 113,909 TRX can be withdrawn)

●Dividend balance: 0.TRX = $0.033 USD.

Wallet value $ 5012, dividend value $ 0,

● Withdrawal value $ 3759, withdrawal $ 10

Grand Theatre of Venice

Jeton Symbol: DEF

Total jet assembly: 91000000 DEF

Awarding tokens for business licenses: 54,600,000 DEF

The airplane exchange office provides: 1 ETH = 1595 DEF

Public offering date:

First release: March 20, 2020

Deadline: April 10, 2020

Hard hat: equivalent to 4.5 million USD en ETH

Soft cap: in accordance with à1700 USD en ETH

Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH


60% -Prime Minister (ICO)

35% -Company

5% – founding team


65% of companies have rich qualifications in infrastructure, infrastructure, reconstruction, law, administrative management and budgeting.

25% of brand promotion and marketing use rights, including open and innovative enterprise transformations and blockchain forms. Publicity unit for various activities in the budget, investors and public utilities

10% registered condiments will be an emergency in a variety of situations.

Carter Street

Fall 2019

● Development and development concepts

● Internationally organized cocktail parties begin with a tablet trip.

December 2019

● White Book Publication

● Website publishing site

Yangwei 2020

● MVP version, ICO plans and issuance

● Notre Dame de Paris MVP responsible for the Notre Dame de Paris website

March 2020

● Capital of the Prime Minister’s Office

May 2020

● Start Deflex Beta

● Public test tutoring.

● Levantine Republic. Transaction starts.

T2 2020

●DémarrerDeflex 1.0

● Extended service area


Ron Bennett, CEO Deflexchange

2. Daniel Stein, CMM Di Deflexchange


● Situs web: https://crystalel elephant.net/

● Telegram:  https://t.me/CETOofficial

● Official report: https: // crystalel elephant.net/whitepaper

● Twitter:  https://twitter.com/cetoken

● YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNRN6hw26z6TGWiZpAk5XXQ

Username: NeymarJrs

link url  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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