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Let’s Earn

Let’s Earn creates the kind of platform that combines all the elements one could hope for


LETS EARN is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and provides a continuous auto-compounding and auto-staking protocol. $LETSEARN token holders can earn high returns by staking and auto-compounding features with an incredibly high APY of 109,619.88%. Most characteristics include lower daily gas costs for rebases to be paid out at lower volumes, lower bounty time, holdings per rebase multiplier possibly well above comparable protocols, earning profits faster than having to carry for months before important compound effect statistics, earn solid profits in the short term over all holders making insane profits in the long term and protect the liquidity pool drainage in real time during a better way of spreading. The Let’s Earn protocol leverages a positive rebase formula that increases token strength allowing $LETSEARN holders to keep growing their alerts, just like during traditional staking protocols. Still our use of rebasing alerts eliminates the need to certify and traditionally stake your alerts. This is often an important rate of return on the user token quantum given the compound interest effect. In the case of letearn.io, the user’s $LETSEARN token represents the user and therefore the emulsion interest is added periodically at each Rebase event (8 times per day). this is a separate portmanteau that raises finance by earning 5 percent of all trades in the $LETSEARN/ $BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap. RVF is used to support and stabilize liquidity pools on demand.

$LETSEARN will be the native token on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) with elastic strength. It rewards its holder with a positive rebase formula in a sustainable way. Where Auto-staking and Auto-compounding give the holder irresistible income which is stable and grows exponentially. Just hold the token as long as the portmanteau is decentralized (Trustwallet or Metamask recommended). The Let’s Earn ecosystem is backed by the $LETSEARN token, which has a very important part in the ecosystem. Without $LETSEARN, none of this would be possible.

To share in approved Let’s Earn private trades, you will want to be whitelisted. To push for whitelisting, you’ll want to follow the ways in Discord. To share in public trades for Let’s Earn, you’ll want to follow the path on Discord. While on Pancakeswap, confirm your portmanteau is on Binance Smart Chain and your portmanteau holds BNB (BSC/BEP20). Attend Pancakeswap via this link (Coming Soon). Set the slippage to 13 percent and enter in the requested $LETSEARN quantum you wish to purchase. Click ‘Swap’ and confirm the sale in your portmanteau. Add the $LETSEARN token contract as a ‘custom token in your portmanteau.


APY: 109.619,88%

ROI per day: 1.94%

Rebase reward per day: 8 times

Holfinh multiplier for rebase: 1.0024


Let’s Earn is a robust ecosystem that relies heavily on using $LETSEARN to deliver its services. The $LETSEARN token is required for every transaction on this platform and its existence provides the basis for all other tokens contained in it!

$LETSEARN is a token on Binance Chain, which uses an elastic supply model. The $LETSEARN ecosystem provides its users with an ever-increasing stream of passive income. Holders earn dividends equal to the rebase formula for each LETS purchased throughout the lifetime of their token holdings, which will continue to grow automatically over time as new users purchase tokens to join the ecosystem.


Let’s Earn is a new project on the moon! It is initiated by successful venture capitalists in the industry; they have funded many other mobile tech startups with campaigns that have reached almost $1 million USD. Moonstation, who assisted with ICO implementation and investment transfer processes during our initial coin offering, is also highly experienced in helping companies achieve peak business results. They assist projects with their services and knowledge to help businesses get off to a strong start from an ICO point of view, specifically targeting digital advertising and marketing, online display advertising, PPC management, social media campaigns, enterprise-grade application development (IOS), and project management. nimble. As an example:

  1. Establisment of marketing plan
  2. Funding of initial seed and private round
  3. Creation of influencer plan and contact
  4. Assisting in community building and listing
  5. Guidance on tokenomics and smart contracts


LETS EARN allows users to earn up to $1,009,619.88 USD from LETSEARN if you invest 1000 LETSEARN throughout the year. Earnings are calculated in a scenario where Reward For Vesting lasts for 365 days and price remains constant.



5% of trading fees are transferred to the RFV which helps to maintain and support the wagering rewards provided.


To ensure an increase in the guaranteed value of $LETSEARN , 5% of the trading fee is returned to liquidity.


To maintain treasury support for the RFV, 8% of sales and 3% of purchases go to the treasury.


Website: https://letsearn.io/index.html

Telegram: https://t.me/Letsearnproject

Twitter: https://twitter.com/letearn_

Dispute: https://discord.gg/letearn

Media: https://medium.com/@letearn_

Username: NeymarJrs
link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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