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Sorex is the world’s first defi system that allows users to invest in multiple cryptocurrency portfolios and manage them through a single interface.

Sorex is an innovative branch of technology managed by artificial intelligence and uses mathematical extrapolation to predict the evolution of the top 300 cryptocurrencies. This software automatically invests with profits and allows you to earn money while you sleep. And if that’s not good enough, it has a very user-friendly interface that a layman can understand how it works without any problems. Sorex is at the top of its game when it comes to cryptocurrency investing technology – truly a one-of-a-kind development that changes lives for the better.


The SRX token is created for the Sorex AutoStaking Protocol, which is a highly secure platform that allows users to claim rewards on various investment possibilities in a completely autonomous manner. With this protocol, users can earn from all types of investments such as deposits, bitcoins and even mining. Users can use it as an additional passive income source or even exchange their earned tokens for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges listing SRX tokens in the near future.

The Sorex Raising Exchange Token is at the core of our Sorex Autostaking Protocol which means every time a new deposit is made, investors get their reward every 60 minutes. The SRX token is also the first cryptocurrency to offer a pre-launch get-hold-earn system which means that investors receive a fixed interest of 2.11% per day or 204,036.60% per annum just for holding the token before launch! We aim to provide low risk investment opportunities involving cryptocurrencies.

How it works

Risk Free Value Fund (RFV), Buy & Sell Fee

A portion of the buying and selling costs help maintain Sorex Treasury earnings. 5-10% of trading volume is diverted to Sorex Treasury, to help control the distribution of the Sorex Autostaking Protocol.

Staking Rewards, SRX Token

Compounds automatically with treasury backed currencies with intrinsic value.

Program Auto Burning Program

it starts with 10 million $SRX reserved exclusively for incineration purposes and will increase over time. In order not to become a pump and dump program, we will perform combustion operations linearly and automatically. Every week, 2-4% of the total supply will be burned. This percentage will grow over the weeks.



SOREX uses the system to make your money work for you, PLAN. Each plan has a specific trading strategy and potential return amount.

There are many ways to access the SOREX trading platform: plan one, plan two, plan three and plan plus+. For each transaction, there is a potential profit based on the investment you make. This determines how much the investor can earn if successful. The more investment money you put into an upfront deal, the higher your chances of success.


Take advantage of NFT as collateral for crypto-backed loans and deposit the money in your wallet instantly. Choose to receive loans in USDT, BUSD or SRX.


Choose one of 300+ cryptocurrencies to trade on a daily and weekly basis. Get notified about changes to your selected prices as they occur. Watch real-time prices go up and down, while you sit back and record profits. RISK VALUE FUND FEATURES

SOREX AUTOSTAKING PROTOCOL 5% of the purchase fee and 10% of the selling fee will be paid to the RFV fund: a fund that helps support positive rebates. In addition, RFVs are bridged directly to multi-chain farms potentially doubling in size each year. This allows for exponential growth and keeps the buying price constant over time by providing a stable base for market makers to trade on. AUTOMATIC HEALING TOKEN

Crypto is considered as one of the best crypto based tokens for investment by many. Its fixed APY of 204,036.60% makes it a very attractive and valuable investment option. It has been backed by Sorex Treasury which gives great validity to its confidence factor.


Since our release, 2-4% of the total circulating supply is “locked up” and burned every week. We call this the automatic combustion mechanism (ABM for short). With our ABM, your balance will continue to increase in value every week against the total supply, as SRX continues to deflate.

The advantage of our Automatic Combustion Mechanism is that it is guaranteed to go into deflation. The more our company grows and expands, the less supply will be circulating, which in turn creates higher demand for SRX as people see their numbers shrink compared to SRX as a whole.


Liquidity is important for traders to ensure they have access to the market forever. The SRX token returns a percentage of trading fees back to the liquidity pool, ensuring it doesn’t dry up and giving every trader out there open access to the network.


5% of the purchase and 10% of the selling fee is directed to the Risk Free Value Fund which will provide value support for Staking Rewards or similar features provided by the Positive Re basis. RFV funds will be used to invest directly into multichain farms to increase the value of the network exponentially. Each year, 50% of the profits from these farms will be reinvested into the fund’s capitalization, hoping to further increase investment into renewable energy needed for PoS blockchains that require large amounts of electricity supply.


Sorex is a platform that makes it easy to create your own digital currency, asset or utility token in an instant. The platform also provides staking and masternode services to enable more people around the world who do not have access to crypto exchanges to benefit from the crypto economy in a secure and transparent manner.

Sorex is a solution for long term crypto holders looking to earn from their holdings without trading or manual intervention.

Sorex is a platform that makes it easy to create your own digital currency, asset or utility token in an instant. The platform also provides staking and masternode services to enable more people around the world who do not have access to crypto exchanges to benefit from the crypto economy in a secure and transparent manner.


As you progress as a user on the Sorex website and start referring your friends, you earn rewards, which in turn allow you to earn very high levels of SRX. You can earn daily rewards just by holding SRX in your ‘balance’ for example, we have designed it so that you are rewarded for your activities like making referrals. We call this feature “Autostaking”. With Autostaking you don’t have to choose between fixed rates; it’s already built into the protocol and there are no hidden costs involved! In addition, we have a fixed APY that is higher than anything currently available in the market. We call this the ‘pre-launch get-hold-earn system’. Here’s how it works:


SOREX will ship SRX Tokens on 21.04.2022 on 4 significant blockchains simultaneously — ETH, BSC, AVAX and FTM
Complete Supply — 1,500,000 SRX
Blockchains — ETH, BSC, AVAX, FTM
SRX Token Launch — 21.04.2022
SRX List Price — $1.00
Multiple Options — 28.02.2022
“PLANS” Venture Program — 28.02.2022
SRX Pre-shipment Staking — 03.03.2022
NFT Loans — 10.03.2022


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Website — https://sorex.io
Telegram Bounty Group — https://t.me/+9PzCQ0jAPHoyNjlk
Telegram Community — https://t.me/SOREX_Officia
Telegram Referral Program — http://t.me/SOREX_Official_BOT
Announcement Telegram — https://t.me/SOREX_Official_ANN
Twitter — https://twitter.com/SOREX_IO
Dispute — https://discord.gg/j8hU66PgPk

Username: NeymarJrs

link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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