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 Koinomo is a Decentralized Asset Management & Investment Fund Built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The money industry is now at an earlier stage, in this way currently offering tremendous freedom to contribute before the standard party hits, dealing with possible immediate fundamental outcomes. One standard approach to managing oversight of building the value of your Bitcoin property is through an exchange, which is something that takes time, energy, and a lot of thought. Exchanging is everything apart from a sensible venture, especially in crypto. One needs to collect a large store of modest amounts of data and obliterate them to succeed. Swapping requires looking, winding, checking, cross-checking, etc 
Having been founded since 2017 (Koinomo), we have had a credible long-standing participation in the excitement at this time sensitive crypto market making clear some solid lows. We make sure your own hypothesis or association gets grounded in a broader perspective. Do your work and keys. 
If you can afford a PC, a very confusing blueprint you really should create your KOINOMO account in less than 10 minutes or and maybe get it financed. We’ve worked out two or three techniques for you to get started and if you need more related help from a real person, click the visit add button and get help right away from you by getting everything you could possibly need and any clarification if basic. 
Koinomo is the stage to determine the assets of the leaders using the Smart blueprint filled out by Blockchain Technology. The KOINOMO token offers a reaction to unsecured financial procedures that are completed under generally cash-related arrangements today. More than this, tokens provide an avenue to improve the flow of reasonable compensation in the economy. 
The KOINOMO token offers a reaction to insecure financial techniques that are run under the current money-related framework. More than this, specialists provide avenues for changing the fair compensation spread across the economy. KOINOMO will focus on the creation of KMO tokens. Broader KMO assembly will ignore support for resources which can also help improve and lead to clearer capital inflows into the KOINOMO economy. 
We hope to have the best and talented Fund so that you have the best understanding in all cases of the place. Our partnership and experience brings the standard of help that doesn’t put you and your resources in front of the money-related business and thus on the planet. 
In your mystery you will soon see how we do not work like the banking industry and other contributions in general through understanding your business.

What is the basic full-scale hypothesis? 
The smallest effort on the FUND Platform is 1 BNB, at least if you visit the KOINOMO Brokers office, the basic hypothesis will be much higher. Note that it is not important to visit us if you contribute or contribute. Considering the revenue of the drawn strategy, basically a more basic customer is set. 
What is the total basis for speculation? 
We do not give accreditation moderately and so by contributing you can increase your profit or loss. With our past returns (which are not guaranteed) we have averaged around over 10% continuously per resource your theory KMO (Koinomo). You can almost check Fiat’s returns on our month-to-month records on the Investor Relations page. 
What is your usual return? 
All do not really get comfortable KMO, which suggests ‘KOINOMO will probably shape your KMO resource. This might ask to be mentioned, for what reason can you reliably see execution depending on KMO? Well since 2018 Smart methodology has become the most obliging resource on earth. Beat a variety of different things. So in general it would be with all things considered right to add that upgrade as we would probably make the same as your abundance affirmation.


Koinomo launched a native token under the name KMO. The KMO token is launched on the Binance platform with the BEP-20 protocol and will serve as an alternative payment on the platform, this means that KMO will support wallets that support the BEP-20 protocol and allow easy integration. And to facilitate token storage, Koinomo provides a wallet that users can use to store their tokens. To be able to get KMO tokens, users can buy KMO tokens at pre-ico and IDO which will be held on selected exchanges.


To conclude

By allowing professional investment managers to manage assets, users can quietly watch their assets grow without the hassle of trading or anything, everything will be handled by the investment manager. And Koinomo comes as a platform that makes it easy for users to invest and let their assets grow over time. Koinomo provides users with a solution that is asset management by professional investment managers, who will manage user assets in the most modern and different way compared to traditional banking or investment companies. Here the user’s assets will be well managed and secured using smart contracts backed by blockchain technology, allowing users to experience the best in one place.


Connect with Koinomo

WEB:   https://koinomo.finance/
TELEGRAM:   https://t.me/koinomo
TWITTER:   https://www.twitter.com/koinomotoken
MEDIUM:   https://www.medium.com/koinomo

Username: NeymarJrs link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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