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 Xircus is a platform/place to promote and trade NFT tokens

The trend of NFT sales is increasing sharply in 2021, and in my opinion NFT has become one of the hottest crypto trends of the year. Non-fungible tokens (NFT), are also one of the crypto assets that can be collected. NFTs can be used to represent almost any type of tangible or intangible item, including:
Artwork,   Virtual goods in video games such as skins, virtual currency, weapons and avatars
Music,   Collections (e.g. digital trading cards) Tokenized real world assets, from real estate and cars to racehorses and designer sneakers
• virtual land,   Video footage of iconic sporting moments

NFTs are tradable works of art that represent the assets of the digital world. And of course to be able to trade our NFT tokens, of course there must be a special platform that can trade our work.

It’s the same with the Xircus platform.
Xircus is a platform/place to promote and trade NFT tokens created by content creators, art creators, avatars or other works of art for free. Through the art you create, you will earn through the NFT marketplace that you own. Created as a connecting gateway to the digital world, Xircus uses the DAO concept. DAO itself can help keep the network safe and optimal, without the need for intermediaries and can be done manually by the user. So in practice, DAO is an organization that is managed by computer algorithms, and is not controlled by humans directly. Therefore, to be able to create their own Nft marketplace, users must first join the Xircus platform and become a member. By becoming a member on the Xircus platform, you have access and the ability to get proposals and updates happening.

VWhat Are The Main Basis Of The Xircus Platform?

• Provides an opportunity for influencers, brands, token makers, dapps or crypto enthusiasts to build their own NFT tokens
• As a universal platform, it provides equal opportunities to all communities in the Xircus ecosystem
• Provides lessons to the community to develop their talents through token ownership NFT,

Benefits If you join xircus

  • LIFE
    A good event ensures meetings and unites people. We can also do this at live digital events. The technical possibilities of xircus ensure a living relationship between the audience and the actors.
    We focus on people and their exchange with each other, also in the digital world. All participants are also contributors. For example, speakers have the opportunity to bring interested parties from the audience onto the digital stage and speak to them.
    Xircus is intuitive to use and very easy. It works without instructions and without waiting.
    Every event requires financial and human resource costs. Xircus uses the right tools and formats required for each event and makes the event 100 percent reliable for the organizers.
    The bigger the digital event, the more confusing it gets. Xircus provides orientation and, with the help of intelligent matchmaking, leads each participant to the content and people they are interested in.
  • FREE
    At xircus, all visitors can move freely through the platform and decide for themselves which content they want to see.

Xircus Platform Based on Blockchain Technology. You Can Use Any Token You Want To Develop Your Own NFT Token. Whether to use the Ethereum network or use the BSC network. And you will experience some of the key security features, including:

• Privacy First Authentication,   Using Authentication method is very important. Because it aims to protect and provide a sense of security to users. The Xircus Platform uses methods to determine or confirm that someone (or something) is genuine or true. The user validation process when logging into the system is the user’s name and password through the process of checking the user on the database previously registered by the user himself. But don’t worry, the platform doesn’t provide a difficult process to log into your own account.
• Better Infrastructure,  Building a better and more planned infrastructure on the Xircus platform will help increase growth and equitable distribution of wealth for its users. Assisted by sophisticated technology and servers will be able to serve transaction requests and be able to provide protection for assets owned by the community. In this way, every user will feel more confident when they decide to be a part of the Xircus platform.
• Developer Friendly,   Developing technology based on coding, Xircus will help you find the market you want. Because the goal of Xircus is to increase the resources of its members, and improve quality through the creation of quality products that can advance users in the Xircus ecosystem.

Great Technology Roadmap

We also built the Xircus Mobile app and crypto wallet, Xircus TV app, and chat ordering features

PROJECT TEAM  : Behind every success of the Project is a dedicated, experienced and intelligent team of elites. The team are the best individuals who always work hard to get the best Xircus and users.No alternate text is provided for this image


Xircus comes as a platform that allows users to deploy the NFT costume marketplace without the need to write any code or any experience, users can deploy their own marketplace in just a few steps. In this way,   Xircus   can empower artists, influencers, content creators, collectors and brands who want to use their own NFT marketplace and help them reclaim their right to fully monetize their content without any third party fees.

information project

Website:   https://www.xircus.com/
Github:   https://github.com/xircusteam
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/xircusnft
Telegram Group:   https://t.me/xircusnft
instagram:   https : //www.instagram.com/xircusnft
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/xircusnft
Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCljy1Y7cl748M2fc2bUiFMgUsername: NeymarJrslink url  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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