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Crypto Pirates

Crypto Pirates Ingame market and economy

Crypto Pirates-aPlay2Dapatkan Game NFT

Ancillary games, also known as clicker games, clicking games or tap games, are computer games whose interactivity consists of the player performing a live activity, for example, repeatedly tapping the screen. This destruction earns the player in-game money which can be used to increase the speed of securing money.

An idle game, otherwise called an Incremental game, is a type of game characterized by an important element of its methodology: letting the game run without anyone else having at least or zero player connections. Communication with games, while often aiding movement, is an option for extended interactivity time. Today we need to give our players some sentimentality and happiness from their distant youth. A great life where you, on your personal transport, clear your own way to distinction and fortune.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Crypto-Pirate

The benefits of investing in Crypto-Pirates are many. One of the most important features is that it is simply a game that you can play while benefiting from dividends and growth in your investment. This is not a scam, but the real deal. The game is based on the collectible type of game, which has become popular in the last decade with the advent of blockchain. The funny thing about the word “investment” is that it means something very different to different people. For some, that means buying a stock and hoping it goes up. This game is unique, and offers something you won’t find anywhere else. The idea behind Crypto-Pirates is to give users the ability to invest in their own unique digital artwork. Crypto-Pirates is one of the hottest blockchain games out there.

Investing in crypto pirates is a way to get into the crypto world. Crypto-Pirates is an NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT is a crypto game that pays dividends in Ethereum (ETH). As a crypto game, it is not like an ordinary game that can be played on the internet, but a blockchain-based internet game. The difference is that the user plays the game using NFT and he does not use any currency to play the game. Users will earn ETH by playing games. There are several other benefits that users can get by having NFT.

What is a Crypto Pirate?

Crypto Pirates is a game about pirates, treasure and epic battles. But it’s not just an ordinary game. This is the first in-game marketplace that allows players to sell their items and get paid in Cryptocurrencies. This is a revolutionary idea that will change the way people think about video games and virtual items. Cryptocurrency is the new gold, and the only way to get it is to mine it. But mining is difficult and expensive, which is why we created a way for you to have the best “crypto” experience. With Crypto Pirates, you can get all the gold you want, upgrading your ship as you go!

Crypto Pirates is a multiplayer online game running on the blockchain. As a player, you can explore the map, buy and sell items, trade with other players, battle pirates, and claim territory. Since the game runs on the blockchain, everything you do is transparent and immutable. There is no centralized server, so no one to trick you. The gameplay is blockchain and smart contract driven. The game has its own cryptocurrency, which is required to buy, sell and trade anything in the game.

Why develop Crypto Pirates?

The main goal of the project is to create an interesting gameplay that will appeal to players and will provide an opportunity to earn tokens. We wanted to create not only another project for NFT holders, but, above all, an interesting game for everyone, even for those who are not ready to shop. Crypto Pirates is an online game with a twist. This is a game that allows you to buy items and sell them for a profit. This is a game where you can buy and sell weapons, ships and castles. This is a game that allows you to create an economy and make a living from it. This is a game that lets you play from any device and from anywhere in the world.

This is a game that lets you play in a life-sized sandbox world. This is a game where you can meet and play with up to 500 people. This is a game where you can team up with your friends and play with them, or work against them. This is an exciting game because it is realistic. A game where you get to live the life of a pirate. Where you can buy and sell anything you want. By turning.


This is an Idle Game about a personal traveler wandering the endless territory of space. For most of us, we grew up understanding books and comics about privateers. And after that in the jungle gym we imagined ourselves as the commander of the ship, definitely giving requests to the group, ruthlessly destroying the enemy and boldly investigating according to the Kraken.


The fundamental aim of this venture is to create refreshing interactivity that will appeal to players and will provide an opportunity to earn tokens. We need to make one more task for NFT holders, but, most importantly, an interesting game for everyone, in any case, for people who are not ready to shop.

Opportunities for investors and players

  • For Investors

We will push the task and put resources into its progress to build business visibility among crypto local areas. This will give interest to our resource and increase its value.

  • For players

You can play this game without speculation, which allows the opportunity to make a profit with the current token. You can issue tokens to your wallet or make in-app purchases.


  • Allowed to start
  • Valuable opportunity to earn without introductory speculation
  • NFT takes part in the game and builds player advantage
  • Each NFT new group does not downgrade the previous version
  • Unlimited use of in-game tokens
  • Arrangement
  • Explore center
  • Multiplatform


  • Game cycle

Move between ports and battle against beasts, dangerous managers and different players. Take loot from them and become the most extravagant privateer in a completely different World.

  • Sending

The main vital thrust of the game. Every registered player gets a free boat. Players can further develop boat details by purchasing and executing NFT cards. Depending on the level of the card, it adds a certain amount of detail.

Market and economy

There are three elements in the game: assets, piastres, gifts

  • Active

Assets are used to repair ships during battles and investigations. Dropped from the horde and found while sailing. Assets are lost after death.

  • dollar

Piastres were used to repair boats in the harbor and to buy antiques. Piastress cannot be lost in PvP. It is rare for piastres to be found while sailing.

  • Gifts

Rewards are collected from destroyed animals and players. The more prominent the power of a chieftain, the more rewards you get for killing him. A portion of the rewards will be lost if the PVP dies. Once per day, players are awarded a certain number of piastres considering the amount of prizes collected. The reward counter is then reset to none.


PVE (Players Vs Enemies)

Players will be able to face monsters head-on and collect useful resources that they can use to fight and defeat stronger opponents. Bosses are one of the core sources of tokens in the game, and you can beat them all alone or collaborate with your friends.


The implementation of co-op screens can help players travel as far as possible and earn huge rewards. Traveling further means you find it harder to find your way back.

PVP (Player Vs Player)

In the game, players will meet other players, either randomly or by challenging them to a duel, you will receive trophies when you take them from defeated enemies.


In-game market and economy

There are three entities in the game: resources, piastres, trophies

Resources Resources

power is used to repair the ship during combat and exploration. Dropped from the mob and found while sailing. Resources are lost after death.


Piastres was used to repair ships in the harbor and to buy artifacts. Piastress cannot be lost in PvP. It is very rare for piasters to be found while sailing.


Trophies are collected from defeated monsters and players. The greater the power of the boss, the more trophies you get for killing him. Part of the trophy is lost if PVP dies. Once a day, players are awarded a number of piastres based on the number of trophies collected. The trophy counter is then reset to zero.


Seed Round

Number of tokens: 40 000 000
Linear Vesting every month in 24 months

Private sale

Number of tokens: 140,000 000
monthly linear vesting in 12 months


Amount of tokens: 40 000 000
40% TGE, paid monthly in 6 months


Tokens to be allocated for project development and operation.
Number of tokens: 180 000 000
1 month locked, monthly linear vesting in 12 months


Tokens allocated for marketing activities: advertising, airdrops, etc.
Number of tokens: 150,000 000
1 month locked, monthly linear vesting in 12 months


Tokens allocated to the community, which can be obtained in-game and as rewards for staking, etc.
Number of tokens: 450 000 000
In-game rewards will be taken from the ecosystem. In the future, the Ecosystem will be replenished from the amount spent by players


Mitra & Media


Website; https://crypto-pirates.app/

Telegram channels; https://t.me/cryptopiratesapp

Telegram groups; https://t.me/cryptpiratesgroup

Twitter ; https://twitter.com/_Crypto_Pirates

dispute; https://discord.gg/NdMuGf8CPx

Instagram ; https://instagram.com/cryptopirates.app

Reddit; https://www.reddit.com/r/cryptopiratesapp/

Youtube ; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx6koPKMTFy4A8RX8BYV2DQ

Username: NeymarJrs
link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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