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Metacoms — Metaverse 3D P2P Crypto transfer pada platform berbasis NFT

Introducing MetaComs

Centralized systems have been the systems that all businesses have adopted in the past. System flaws allow decentralized systems to take over. The world really needs a decentralized communication system where user privacy is highly expected. Transparency is the backbone of business and there is a need for an effective communication infrastructure in the world. This will facilitate business growth. In this article, I will discuss the Matacoms platform.

Matacoms is a decentralized communication platform integrated with the Metaverse protocol and various digital stores that allow users to monetize Metaverse.
MatacComs is turning the tide in Meta and the world of communications. Many amazing features are embedded in the Matacoms platform. Matacoms will offer a Meta App store, NFT platform, VR, face verification and more. Obviously the future of the internet is the Metaverse and this is one of the reasons Matacoms doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd. This platform will offer the world’s best Metaverse platform with a wide range of products and services.
Matacoms will enrich users with the best Metaverse platform. Metaverse users will be able to earn unlimited income. Developers can develop their applications with the Matacoms ecosystem. They can also access a wide variety of NFTs on the platform. Users can also trade their NFTs.

Recent issues with Metaverse

On the other hand, there are still many problems with the current state of the Metaverse. It is supposed to protect users from scammers. However, it may be difficult for a person to know if the Avatar they see matches the person’s real identity on the other hand because it is difficult to check if the facial features are fake or real. Being completely digital complicates matters as checking a person’s identity and, at the same time, providing privacy to that person may not be appropriate.

Since Metaverse is still in its early stages of development, it lacks an essential feature — an app store. Naturally, problems create opportunities. The company that was the first user of the Metaverse has great potential to slice up a large part of the new market, just as Android is occupying the app market by introducing their own app store.

NFT is the best way to facilitate payments on Metaverse. However, P2P crypto transfers are also required in many occasions, as well as advanced security that relies solely on blockchain integrity. There are thefts and security breaches in the NFT industry because the decentralized NFT market has to deal with centralized intermediaries. The latter is responsible for a security leak that causes users to lose their NFT. So, again, centralized platforms are a potential threat in the Metaverse.

Metacom’s solution to current Metaverse problems

Metacoms is built on blockchain, which makes the platform security very tight, and the 2D POC of P2P crypto transfers in their platform space is already active. Their NFT is unique in that it is in GLB format. It is a 3D format that you can import into your own space and share 3D data with others.

Security remains an ongoing issue with Metaverse, and it should be addressed sooner, better. When you participate in the life of the Metaverse, you need to know who enters your space, and you must decide who you let in and who you don’t. It should become mandatory in spaces like gambling or speed dating. The identity of the person and their age must be confirmed. For that, verified facial features for Avatar should be introduced.

The solutions that Metacoms plans to roll out will include voluntary KYC checks and verified facial scans to go live in the first quarter of 2023. Another solution is the Meta app store, which will give thousands of app developers the opportunity to develop and generate revenue from Metaverse. As a result, Metaverse will be available to work for all developers around the world, and it will make a big leap in development.

Right now, unused parcels make the Metaverse feel empty. The solution is to spend more time in the Metaverse and, in doing so, move the parcel to the center of the map. This will make the Metaverse more interesting and lively for both newcomers and existing users.

Income model
Free token sale

Sistem NFT

B2B and B2C by users, Subscription revenue model
Premium features, e.g. multiple connected plans, fixed location for plans, more users allowed for one plan, etc.
They are sold in large quantities (NFT boxes) to consumers, for B2C sales
Custom Building

B2B, Production revenue model and Transaction Cost Revenue Model
for resale.
Custom made buildings equipped with AI Features and staff,
Casinos, Chat Houses, Offices, Shops, etc.
Sold B2B as NFT, resold 10% royalty fee.
NFT Art and NFT Apps, NFT Custom Spaces & Avatars (Features or Gadgets)

B2C by user, Transaction Fee Revenue Model.
The designer or creator receives a 10% royalty fee on resale.
Overall 2% NFT Fee for sales and resale.
NFT Goods and Services

B2C by user, Transaction Fee Revenue Model.
The first seller receives a 10% royalty fee on resale.
Overall 2% NFT Fee for sales and resale.
Interesting Facts about MetaComs

Matacoms has many features that make it stand out from the crowd in the ecosystem. Among the features id Metaverse 3D is aiming to become the new standard in the future. Users will be able to join rooms and enjoy bars on the platform. Users can also create their own meeting rooms, shops, living rooms and more. Metaverse 3D makes interactions more enjoyable in the ecosystem. Matacoms is designed with the concept of rewarding platform users the more they explore the platform. Users will be able to access many of the platform’s features such as Digital Stores, decentralized communication systems, P2P exchanges, and more. Apart from that users will be able to enjoy 3RD Party VR Engines, users will be able to initiate any data they want to share with others like classmates, business partners, colleagues. User can create room and invite others to watch Game. Matacoms also allows Peer to Peer trading and digital asset transfer. All features to ensure safe and secure transactions in the ecosystem are enabled on the Matacoms platform.
Matacoms supports NFT on their platform. NFts will be imported into 3D space. Users will be able to bring their NFT art gallery into a personalized 3D space. It allows users to create and mine NFTs. Users can also trade them on MataPlace. NFT in Matacoms ecosystem allows users for more functions which also allows them to earn passive income.

Screenshot (1797).png

Matacoms is built on a secure blockchain that offers the best environment for gamers and general users of the ecosystem. Text is not stored, meaning it is completely decentralized. The information data exchanged is not stored on any central server, thus guaranteeing user privacy.
METAC Token: This is the native cryptocurrency of the Matacoms platform. It is a Binance Smart Chain token that can be used to buy NFTs and unlock several features and opportunities in the ecosystem. P2P Cryptocurrency transfers are carried out using METAC tokens.

The last thought,
Matacoms has been developed to address challenges in Communication systems. It aims to offer an embedded Metaverse powered communication platform with amazing features. The platform has been designed with a soul aimed at offering efficiency in services and enabling users, investors to enjoy a high level of sustainability. Users will get rewarded the more they use the platform. This is truly a game-changing innovation. #Metacoms $ METAC #Metaverse _APP #Metaverse #blockchian #crypto #BNB #cryptolife #BUSD #BSC

METAC is a native alert of the Metacom ecosystem, based on the use of Binance Good Chain for platform utilities such as NFT buying trading, releasing special options in apartments. P2P crypto transfers are also carried out via METAC alerts.

Detail Token

Ticker: METAC
Platform: Rantai Binance
Token Type: BEP-20
Available for sale: 108,000,000 METAC (61.7%)
Total supply: 175,000,000.00 METAC
Financial Details

Raised: $500,000
ICO Price: 0.12 USD
Acceptance: USD – EUR – BNB- BUSD – Fiat (GBP, AUD, SEK, CAD, CHF, DKK, PLN, CZK, NOK, NZD, BRL)
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 21,000,000

Plan 1: Beginner $100 10%
Package 2: Bronze $200 15%
Package 3: Silver $500 20%
Package 4: $1,500 30% Gold
Package 5: Diamonds $5,000 40%
Token Purchase Option

Change: https://metacoms.io/u/addvaiyotokens
Buy: https://metacoms.io/u/swapvaiyotokens


make the results they provide unsustainable. This planet wants multifunctional results for communication. A platform is demanded that will offer companies communication results that are ‘safe, easy to use, reasonable and have many options to choose from, which is very important for communication. Innovative ways to maneuver from centralized results to suburban bones have given rise to a choice of any property for all business aspirants. one of the leaders in the communication craft is Metacoms.

ROAD MAPproject team
Antony Chang

Antony Chang

CEO & Founder

Related Antony ChangHemant Pancholi

Hemant Pancholi

CTO & Co-founder

Hemant Pancholi terkaitAmir Naghavi

Amir Naghavi

Mobile Main Developer & Founder

Link Amir NaghaviAnkita Pancholi

Ankita Pancholi

Main Developer & Founder

Ankita Pancholi terkaitGvantsa Bukuri

Gvantsa Bukuri

Executive Assistant

Related Gvantsa BukuriMartin Laur (BA)

Martin Laur (BA)

Compliance Manager

Related Martin Laur (BA)Suraj Jaiswal

Suraj Jaiswal

Marketing Manager

Suraj Jaiswal terkaitHarpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Product designer

Harpreet SinghBobby MN

Bobby MN

Community manager

Daniel Ajibola

Daniel Ajibola

Community manager

Saepul Muhtadin

Saepul Muhtadin

Community manager

Mahdi Abdi

Mahdi Abdi

business manager

Mahdi Abdi linkedinLamidi Muhammad

Lamidi Muhammad

Community manager



Community manager

Ali Allal

Ali Allal

Community manager

Zied Chaabane

Zied Chaabane

ICO Advisor

Zied Chaabane is connectedHenk van der Heijden

Henk van der Heijden

Advisors & Shareholders

Henk van der Heijden terkaitAdrian Niculescu

Adrian Niculescu

Advisors & Shareholders


Change: https://metacoms.io/u/addvaiyotokens

Buy: https://metacoms.io/u/swapvaiyotokens


Website: https://metacoms.io/

Whitepaper : https://metacoms.io/media/metacoms-whitepaper.pdf

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Metacoms

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/metacoms1/

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/metacoms3d/

Telegram : https://t.me/metacoms

Twitter : https://twitter.com/MetaComs

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/MetaComs

Discord: https://discord.gg/Q6wwJ59efF

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Metacoms/

Username: NeymarJrs

link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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