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11Minutes is the first play2earn game series on Blockchain
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What is 11 Minutes?

11Minute, a single game, but a game where is the goal to achieve a high score within 11 But let’s start from the beginning:

First of all, the player must have NFT to participate in the game session.

The price is $45, which is the average price you would pay for a new game. Of course, we also distribute competition tickets via or giveaways, which you can find out more about in a future post. Incidentally, there is currently a competition for Game Session #1, which you can enter here: Giveaway

After the event is over, the game event starts. You have 24 hours to start your own gaming session and set a high score within 11 minutes. We will reveal the game from time to time prior to the start of each session. most of the time, it’s going to be an endless game that’s barely harder than Flappy Bird. You can restart as many times as you like in 11 minutes and break your own high score. Highest ranking on the leaderboard along with your wallet address and NFT Token ID. Based on your position on the leaderboard, you will receive profits that will vary from session to session.


To participate in 11Minutes Game Sessions you don’t need a lot of money to get your Gaming Ticket.
To print NFT you need to pay around $45 and since we are on the Polygon Network you will have to pay less than $0.01 in fuel costs.

A high ranking on the leaderboard will give you a high prize, as funds from NFT Sales will go into the prize pool.
First place in a session can win prizes up to $80,000. Everyone in the top 25% will always win more than they invested.

With each gaming session you have to play a new game. Will never be bored. You will have 11 Minutes for each game to learn it and reach high score.

Apart from getting into the top 25% of the leader board, you can use your NFT to bet, you will earn $ELVN or own Tokens, which will be available this year.
We will ensure that, every player will earn with every NFT they hold and always get back their initial investment and earn money on top of that.
ELVN Token Has Arrived

ELVN token, the first multi-dimensional token with 11Minutes is finally here! You can also get your tokens, as the list is showing on 11–1 (January 11) at 11:11 UTC on PancakeSwap. However, during the first 5 minutes of listing, only whitelisted participants can purchase token allocations. All players who participated in the daily competition prior to listing will be whitelisted. Therefore, it’s time to play!

The first Multi-Dimensional Token

The ELVN token will be multidimensional, existing in both crypto and gaming dimensions. Here are some of its features

Easy Switching: Switch between dimensions seamlessly. While going from the crypto dimension to the game doesn’t cost anything, users who switch from the game to the crypto dimension have to pay a minimal fee.

Crypto Dimension : You can buy, trade and sell your tokens on crypto exchanges easily in crypto dimension. However, automated farming is not available in the crypto dimension. Selling your tokens or wallet transfers will require a 10% fee, of which 4% will each be used for the liquidity and NFT staking pool, while the rest will burn.

Game Dimension: Whereas in the game dimension, the token will be known as gELVN and can be used for various purposes. For example, tokens can be used to purchase NFTs, enter yourself into tier lists, and participate in IDOs. Players only have to pay a fee if they transfer tokens between wallets or switch back to the crypto dimension. Transfers and stake bets will cost 10%, each 3% will be used for liquidity, NFT pools and token farming, while 1% is burned.

Every early Investor from Pre-Sale will get gELVN . Token

For TGE Events and for vesting days, we will disable video fees from the Crypto Dimension, so that every Investor has the opportunity to get Tokens to the Crypto Dimension without paying anything.

Say Hello To The New Competition Mode

If you want to get rewards every day of the week, then this is for you. Get ready to work on it because the daily and daily leaderboard rankings are here. Enjoy 4 game sessions every day to earn a place on the leaderboard and get a chance to win great prizes.

But the imbalance doesn’t end every day. Results from daily action-packed gaming sessions will be considered for television’s fourth ranking, where the top 10 players stand a chance to win thrilling prizes.

For daily gaming sessions, you must enter a ticket for 0.005 BNB.

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Here are the prizes up for grabs:

Daily Competition


Position — Prize

10% Terata – 0.015 BNB

25% Terata – 0.01 BNB

50% Terata – 0.005 BNB

Top 75% – 0.0025 BNB

Weekly Competition

While the daily leaderboard will reset daily at midnight, your score will remain in the daily rankings until Saturday.

Position — Prize

First — 0.1 BNB + Ticket for the Game Session

2 — 0.075 BNB + Ticket for Game Session

3rd — 0.06 BNB + Ticket for Game Session

Ke-4 — 0,055 BNB

ke-5 — 0,05 BNB ke-

6— 0,045 BNB

ke-7 — 0,04 BNB

8 — 0,035 BNB

9 — 0,03 BNB

10 — 0,025 BNB

Introducing the Level System

Now, users can stake their ELVN tokens for a period of 6 months and get access to special benefits. Here’s the new tier system:

Diamond Level

Stake at least 100,000 ELVN and get:

Guaranteed and great location for launch on our launch pad

1 free ticket for the daily session every day, for a total of 30 tickets worth $82 each month

1 match ticket for each broadcast session, for a total of 4 tickets worth $180 per month

Platinum level

Minimum stake 75,000 ELVN and get:

Guaranteed and high allocation for launch on our launch pad

1 free ticket for the daily session every day, for a total of 30 tickets worth $82 each month

1 match ticket for one viewing session per month worth $45

Gold Level

Minimum stake 50,000 ELVN and get:

Guaranteed and good allocation for launch on our launch pad

1 free ticket for the daily session every day, for a total of 30 tickets worth $82 each month

Silver Level

Minimum stake 25,000 ELVN and get:

First come, first serve allocation for launch on our launch pad

1 free ticket for the daily session every day, for a total of 30 tickets worth $82 each month

Many of our players are waiting for our Android version. Healthy. no longer! Now, get your daily dose of 11Minutes on Android. With the upcoming 5th gaming session, players can enjoy the game on their Android devices. However, the game is still in trial mode on Android. Therefore, to play the game a safe and secure experience, be sure to read the in-game release notes.

That’s it for January. We’re excited to bring you new features, launches, giveaways and more. Be sure to follow us on all social media channels so you don’t miss any updates and new giveaways.

Reward Based Ecosystem: In-Game Rewards and Player Passive

1 In-Game Reward: We’ve made sure that the excitement level stays high and stays excited throughout the game series. Players can enjoy four daily gaming sessions and strengthen their position on the leaderboard. The top 10 players will have a chance to win attractive prizes. distribution of prizes as follows:



11Minutes Platform is a unique global gaming platform built using multiple smart contract systems, bringing together all parts of the gaming industry ecosystem where all players, developers, merchants and gaming communities can get fair, transparent and fair rewards that they get in ELVN Tokens which can be easily exchanged on the open market. The ecosystem built around the gaming process can be broadcast using the 11Minutes Streaming platform, ELVN Coin as well as being a marketplace for the gaming platform and also as a platform for trading in-game items. The 11Minutes platform Developer Market gets a share of the transaction fees and bets. In this case ELVN Coin made a withdrawal of funds to make this game on the 11Minutes crowdfunding Platform, part of the income was also distributed to investors.

Useful Links:

Website: https://elevenminutes.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/11minutesnft
Medium: https://medium.com/@11Minutes
Telegram: https://t.me/minutes11
Dispute: https://discord.gg/invite/cxMzwcVxR6
Username: NeymarJrs
link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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