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PumSwap Exchange Upcoming event for all community.

Hi buddy!.
PumSwap is pleased to present our project called PumSwap.
PumSwap is a decentralized exchange based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.
Our main goal is to make our platform stand out from other projects currently available to the public.

Two new exchanges have recently launched aimed at the NeoScrypt community. PumSwap is a decentralized exchange for exchanging BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, ERC20 tokens on Ethereum for KIP 20 tokens on the OkexChain Network.
One Click Exchange (O3CEX) is a pure one click only NEO exchange where you can stake your O3 balance and also trade KCS and NEP5 tokens. Users can enjoy 50% discount on fees when they pay trading fees with ONT.

PumSwap is a decentralized exchange for exchanging BEP2o and ERC20 (ETH) tokens on the Binance SmartChain network, and for exchanging KIP20 (OKB) tokens on the Okex Chain network.

The PumSwap platform enables decentralized exchange between BEP20 tokens, ERC20 tokens and KIP20 tokens across all three chains in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

PumSwap is an ERC20 Decentralized Exchange that allows users to trade their BEP2o and Ethereum Tokens on Binance SmartChain and trade Kipper Tokens on the OkexChain network. PumSwap’s features are the same as those of centralized exchanges such as wallet-to-wallet trading and liquidity.

PumSwap is a revolutionary decentralized exchange where you can trade Ethereum BEP2o tokens or Okex KIP20 tokens for any cryptocurrency listed on Binance, allowing you the freedom to make the trades you want when you want.

Very few DEXs exist and even fewer support BEP2o and KIP20 tokens on different chains. This one does it and PumSwap.io where you can find this new exchange, they accept deposits in BTC, LTC and ETH currently.

The Pumswap exchange is developing a DEX that will allow users to buy and sell BEP2.0 compatible tokens (such as BNB) on the blockchain at low fees and without fear of the exchange closing or stealing your money. Additionally, they are working on creating a decentralized token exchange network to allow users to trade ETH-based tokens.

They also have plans to work with Okex, Huobi, ABCC, and OKEX on a project called OPSkins Marketplace 2.0 that will allow people to buy and sell BEP2.0, ETH, and KIP20 tokens for game skins using their own CS:GO, Dota2 . , TF2 inventory etc…

At PumSwap, we believe that cryptocurrencies will still exist and the world would be a much better place if everyone had access to them – the unbanked, the uncredited, and so on. We have built PumSwap with this belief in mind.

Our exchange helps people achieve financial independence by enabling, faster trading with our flash smart contract implementation, reliable identity based exchange with our ERC725 protocol, freedom of access to assets, including toys and collectibles with our unique dual token system based on BEP2o, blockchain protocol which we made just for this purpose.


With PumSwap, one can exchange via blockchain using digital digital currency transaction methods worldwide.

PumSwap is used to low transaction fees using the BEP20-Finance Smart Chain Network with the KIP20-okexChain Mainnet Network. Secure Transaction Method also uses ERC20- Ethereum Blockchain.

P2P transition ecosystem using digital currency Robust and secure digital currency wallet is possible here coupled with third party Payments ecosystem for transaction methods.

You can use PumSwap globally for swap. Also, one global Pump Swap platform is safe and secure for all transactions on the BSC, ETH or OKT chain network. Very easy to use and convenient okay for all.

One controls one’s public and private keys in one’s wallet which makes it easy for one to access the PumSwap platform using through contracted third party access points like MetaMask

Since it is encrypted, no one can access one’s payments/transactions on a decentralized platform. Only the owner has full authorization to his wallet with public & private keys. However, one can transact from your own access point through a third-party perfect ecosystem of smart contracts as well.

Pre -sale

Mainnet Pre-Sale Price Is

1 PUM = 0,00005 BNB
1 BNB = 20.000 PUM
Mainnet Pre-Sale Start Date: (27 October 2021)
Mainnet Pre-Sale Token Price is 1 PUM = 0.00005 BNB
Mainnet Pre-Sale will be live for: 30 Days
Mainnet Pre-Sale

Mainnet Pre-Sale will go live on 27 October 2021. Mainnet Tokens You can transfer & use these tokens to trade or exchange.
Mainnet tokens will be live on our own DEX & other decentralized/centralized exchangers.
Mainnet Pre-Sale Start Date: (27 October 2021)
Mainnet Pre-Sale Token Price is 1 PUM = 0.00005 BNB
Mainnet Pre-Sale will be live for: 30 Days
Token PumSwap (PUM):

Smart Contract: 0x11608EDd16091f296F12D362cB8756655C7FA986
Pre-Sale Contract: 0x25954aa2C327D2358dC3dA7156D57Dd7B9519f3C

pumswap #pum #cryptocurrency #presale #ico

For more information on the pump swap project:

Web: https://pumswap.org
Telegram: https://t.me/pumswap
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/pumswapannouncement
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pumswap_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PumSwap
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/PumSwap
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pumswap
Media: https://pumswap.medium.com
Username: NeymarJrs

link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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