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Best Yarloo Crypto Lottery

Yarloo is a global lottery ecosystem built on transparent and decentralized blockchain technology, in which the system will be distributed on a public network, making global lottery operations more efficient and transparent. By leveraging the Blockchain technology platform as well as the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain technology features, smart contracts enable various processes, such as collecting or distributing each lottery process, to be more efficient than the traditional centralized systems currently in use. Since a platform that ensures the safety of international lotteries is their top priority, their blockchain based lottery platform also offers daily lottery draws. which covers a wide geographical area and can be followed by anyone, wherever they are. The use of smart contracts, of course,
Yarloo is a new take on the lottery gambling system that is known to everyone around the world. We feel that the current state of the lottery is quite… lacking, to say the least. It’s not fun, the risks are too high and your chances are dim. Very. Here’s an excerpt from K5: “According to the USA Lottery, the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.6 million and the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million. Combine the two and the odds of winning both jackpots for over a billion dollars go to 1 in 88 quadrillion. That’s 88 followed by 15 zeros.

But with the current advancement of the crypto space, we at Yarloo feel that something can be done to revolutionize lottery systems around the world, and to make it much more fun, give people a much higher chance of winning, create a much more flexible jackpot pool, and introduced the NFT card set as the core function behind the ticket. Also the fun aspect of making the whole project theme revolve around pirates!

Through this methodology, we believe that, while lotteries give people a very small chance of winning, encrypting the system, wrapping it with fun games and money-making features for those who don’t want to risk too much will potentially change the whole shape. the lottery industry, and that’s the clear end game for us at Yarloo.

The nature of the world economy has changed relentlessly since the creation of cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin, and now with over 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, the total market cap of all crypto assets combined stands at a market cap of $2,000,000,000. wrote this article.

Since the advent of Decentralized Finance, Non-Fungible Tokens, and many more elements that have shaped this industry, this space has become very attractive to outsiders to the point where it is now like a moth attracted to fire.

Unfortunately, however, while this space is significantly better than the current date FIAT system, it’s not without its fair share of flaws. Most importantly, the fact that if you are in this space as an investor or trader, you will most likely lose a percentage of the funds, even if you end up making a profit. It’s bound to happen, and everyone has experienced it.

The problem is that people keep losing funds from holding, or trading at the wrong time, or simply because they enter at the same time that the whales decide to exit their positions, causing crashes and leaving retail in the dust.

But what if there was a method that could turn this system around for retail profit, actually, what if there was an ecosystem that would allow whales and retailers to profit simultaneously without having to make any trades? Could this be a necessary factor to prevent a bear market completely?

This is where the RST, or rather the Revenue Sharing Token system comes into play. As the name suggests, this method concentrates on revenue sharing such as how shareholders receive dividends every specified duration for their investment, although dividends are usually quite small compared to the investment they make, and the ROI is very slow.

On the other hand, RST is the ability to allow project token holders to automatically receive a certain percentage of the company’s revenue just by holding their tokens, while receiving a proportionately fair share of what the project generates.

Here’s an example:
Project X generates $3,000,000 per year. Gross profit is about $2,500,000. Project X integrates RST into their ecosystem, where they dedicate 40% of their income to be shared as they see fit across the community, so this can be a holder, a liquidity provider, a certain elite group of holders, whatever the circumstances, and that group will comply. conditions for a 40% share of that amount, with a whopping $1,000,000 total sharing across the community, consistently, over the amount of time the company determines, be it daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Depending on how much each individual holds the tokens, they tend to get a larger share of the profits, all for holding the tokens.

But how does this end a bear market?
Simple! A bear market is basically a crash of most tokens and reaches the bottom zone where the value is quite low. However, if RST were to be implemented in most projects, they would never face this dilemma regardless of market sentiment and selling pressure, as using RST revolves around one core factor that is critical to its success:

Holding tokens and not selling them.

Earning more than you will ever earn from dividends holding cryptocurrencies is quite lucrative, and will attract many investors to adopt a “HODLing” mindset — more importantly, projects can also allocate a certain percentage of their earnings to buyback programs where they can later burn the tokens they buy or re-enter the ecosystem, meaning the market value remains consistently safe in a healthy resistance zone with the potential for continuous ATH confluence.

But there is a catch.
RST is not perfect. There is one problem that makes it not applicable to all projects, namely the fact that it will be a complete failure if the project implementing it generates minimal revenue. For example, if a project only generates $100,000 per year, the share of RST that holders receive will be quite low, and not attractive enough for them to keep holding the tokens and prefer to sell them later, meaning that most companies that will adopt this method will need to:

Have a strong business model that generates at least $1,000,000 per year.

Create a new revenue model around their project to generate enough funds for RST to work.

And lastly, they will need the power of their HODler, a true frontline and hero of any cryptocurrency economy, and a foundation for the RST ecosystem to function properly. The real proof of this is how HODLers held on when BTC experienced its first major correction in 2021, and how they would not allow it to return to a point of no return, instead, they allowed it to hold out until it was recovered. to a much stronger base, so companies should have all the right incentives to collect their HODlers, and RST will definitely help achieve those incentives.

As of now, the only RST company at the time of writing this article is Yarloo, a crypto lottery company that has a robust business model that allows users to continue to generate income for themselves and the company, enabling a substantially high revenue stream that will provide feed into the RST ecosystem they build.

Yarloo is the company behind the RST concept, and the original founder of how it works. We offer RST integration and consulting to fellow crypto projects, and would love to play our part in enabling retail investors and traders to never feel hit by a market correction again.

About Yarloo
Yarloo is another translation of the lottery betting structure circulating for everyone around the world. We feel that the current status of the lottery is very weak, no doubt about it. It’s terrible, the risks are too high and the returns you imagine are weak. However, with the current advancement of the crypto space, we at Yarloo feel there is something very likely to change the structure of lotteries around the world, and to make it more fun, allow people to essentially have a higher chance of winning, creating a much larger treasure pool. versatile, and introduced the NFT card set as the center line on the back of the ticket. Likewise the great part of making the whole subject of the business revolve around privateers!

Through this methodology, we recognize that, while lotteries allow people essentially little chance of winning, encrypting that structure, wrapping it up with fun games and parts that are beneficial to the individual that may not do much harm will potentially change the overall state of the lottery. industry, and it was the undeniable end game for us at Yarloo.

How It Works
At Yarloo, you really need to check out a wide range of financial support activities, including, not limited to:

– Solo Lottery Jackpot

– Team Lottery Jackpot

– Fortune Spinner

  • NFT Trade Center
  • Yarloo Wallet (to check and exchange our tokens)
  • Game Arcade

– DeFi Lending and Lending System

As can be seen, Yarloo offers various ways to handle our original lottery system, and to profit through different styles and approaches. Use our lucky spinner to check if you can assemble another amazing card that expands your possibilities. Is it correct to say that you are an inventor who has accumulated a large number of critical cards over time? The trading center is yours for the taking, and from a genuine perspective there is no risk at all as you are only selling your cards. If you are not as lucky as the cards and don’t want to face high difficulty, then of course, stamping is your best method.

We are different
What makes Yarloo unprecedented, however, is the means that it uses the NFT system, making it the standard engine behind entry tickets. Since you want to play, you have to go in by designing a certain game plan from the cards you have. Joining cards on a regular basis can give you unprecedented characteristics, depending on the uniqueness and type of the card, and the similarity features it has to the various cards you can guarantee. Cards are your ticket to travel, and they’re the only way you can go all out to win big bets.

To enter using cards, there is a certain fee to be put into the pool to add to the awesome prizes, but at that time you will be allowed to deal 5 cards only from your set, following them for the best results. which will create the results you might imagine. If your strategy goes great, you might get a gold mine, and congratulations on everything.

Products and Features
Yarloo will be filled with cool settings that will be very useful to everyone, and as we progress later we will start to include more, and analyzing it with our environment, we can see what else is imaginable in Yarloo.

– RST : Yarloo is the first task in the world to carry out the development known as “Pay Sharing Token”, which allows the surrounding environment to get 30% of Yarloo’s profits to serve the organic framework in which it is produced.

– NFT : We are also an important lottery project in crypto history to use NFT cards as your guide segment ticket system in any pool! This concludes instead of buying tickets, your tickets are tended by the cards you use in your lottery pool.

– DeFi : You will have the option of financially benefiting from Yarloo due to DeFi’s diverse structure, essentially by allowing you to earn 2% of the pool profit if you are the creator, and by leveraging it from our natural RST framework if you hold enough $YARL.

Profit Sharing Token, or RST for short, is Yarloo’s revolutionary backbone, the first implementation of its kind that will someday be recognized as NFT and DeFi technology, RST is how Yarloo can be armed as an anti-bear project, which can withstand any market sentiment. The way it works is pretty simple, and can be reconfigured based on individual company preferences, but we’ll be using Yarloo as a core example of how RST will be used considering we were the original founders of this concept and its first integrator.

Seed Investors & IDOs: 30%
Holder: 25%
Repurchase: 20%
LP Provider: 15%
Wheel of Fortune/Rewards Pool: 10%

Our card system is not very complicated. There will be 5 types of cards, ranked from bottom to top as:

These 5 types of cards have very different functions and values. For example, a small card only gives 1 ticket per card, due to its low value, and a Bronze card gives 2 tickets per card, but both have no special attributes and cannot be paired with other cards.

On the other hand, from Silver to Sapphire, cards grant more tickets and all have special attributes. Silver cards give 5 tickets per card, Gold give 10, and Sapphire give 50 participation tickets.

Card sets will be released consistently at Yarloo, even after launch, as they will always be an important part of the way things work. There will be 3 types of card sets, so users can know what to expect from each:


Q3 2021:

Funding Round Conclusion
3-5 Sets of Launch Cards
Alpha Wallet
Pass Alpha
Q4 2021:

Wheel of Fortune Release
Lottery Platform Launch
Bridging $YARL to the new network
First CEX List
5-8 New Card Set
Fusion System Testing
Governance features for $YARL holders
Updated Light Paper
Q1 2022:

Wander around the Seven Oceans!
We will continue to update our roadmap depending on new introductions, games we announce, and more. For now, only information about this year’s Q3 and Q4 is available.
Useful Links:
Website : https://yarloo.vercel.app/

Telegram : https://t.me/yarloochat

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/yarlannouncements

Twitter : https://twitter.com/yarloo_rst

Medium : https://medium.com/@yarloo

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/yarloo

Username: NeymarJrs
link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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