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TFS is a digital currency that will serve as an alternative payment method within the platform

 Blockchain is a creative innovation that was first presented through the cryptocurrency Bit  c oh. Decentralized blockchain innovation idea and make it real progress, one of them is a framework for developing tasks and as a business option for the future period. In addition, nowadays many stages continue to emerge by creating advanced coins that use the blockchain framework as a medium or marketplace for various cryptocurrencies around the world. One area where blockchain innovation has helped a lot is the monetary field. Also, this time I need to introduce tasks that have a bright future, specifically TFStoken. The presence of the TFStoken company can make a huge difference, especially for the financial backers and some of the accomplices involved with it. This venture is entirely productive for speculation, so never waste this brilliant opportunity.
One of the developments in the Blockchain market is Defi or Decentralized Finance where it is a unified monetary framework that removes the work of merged delegates and allows everyone to make exchanges via Peer-To-Peer trading. Defi transforms the Blockchain framework that evolves into various types of monetary exchanges that are easy at first to become more confusing.

Key Features: TruePlay and Firstpin.
TruePlay is seen as a trust control framework that relies on Blockchain innovation to deliver fair, correct and safe gaming outcomes. TruePlay with Blockchain mix provides the opportunity to control account development and guarantee to deliver real and immediate consequences of all games that bring all clubs under the stage.
Fairspin is an online gambling club platform which combines exemplary gaming information with Blockchain Technology for the transparency of game information from top suppliers like, NetEnt, Microgaming and so on and shows game size like store, payout, real win speed of each game introduced on the site, all success and misfortune and real rate figures, openly and every exchange can be followed via Etherscan. This can be imagined as a result of TruePlay innovation. In 2019, Fairspin players won over 46,500 ETH. Fairspin or as it is called Fairplay is assigned to rising stars by the EGR Operator Awards and SBC Awards.

What is TFS Token
The TFS token is a computerized cash/coin created using the Binancesmartchain (BSC) blockchain and presented by Fairspin.io which will be used as an elective installment technique at the Fairspin stage and will also replace the current Fairspin.io reliability program as stage clients can move, withdraw , or trade TFS for fiat at any time. Furthermore, At the end of each playing day, clients will be awarded TFS tokens. TFS is a deflationary token and has a limited inventory with month to month repurchase highlights (stages of buying their coins to keep up with value solidity and to stop the decline in value) where certain levels of tokens are removed from the stream.TFS Fairspin Recommendations#Tokens can be mined#TFS FAIR SPIN has a segment with a collapse model#Easy to exchange and bet#TFS tokens have a deflationary model part#Players and financial backers get paid with TruStake training and programs.Benefits of TFS TokenPlayers can get TFS Tokens just by playing FAIRSPIN and holders can also add TFS Tokens by risking Games which is very stable for players and investors. Only by staking your TFS Tokens you are entitled to double all your tokens. and as a reward for players and investors who can bet more than 37.5%/year, for me this is a very fair and profitable bet,. and for prizes your TFS Tokens will be directly credited to your account after you place or bet. You can exchange the results on Uniswap.TokennomicsTFS Token AllocationThe TFS token has 4 phases:Alright, this time we are going to check the full stock Total Supply of TFS Tokens is only 30,000,000 Tokens and will start private offering at around 25.00% and only accessible in a few weeks after the whole deal, will be locked and each price round is kinda like shown in below:Stage 1:The TFS Token has 3 customizations specifically Private Sale, Pre-Sale and Dutch Auction with a limited supply of 15 million tokens, and the fees for each round are:0.1$ for Private Round0.15$ for Pre-Sale Round$1 with $0.2 as cost savings At Dutch Auction Round.Stage 2:The endless supply of the first round, the pool of 10–20% tokens sold during the sale will be moved to Uniswap and the final closing fee will be expanded by 50–100%.Stage 3:The Staking Program will be opened using the FairSpin dashboard with the aim that clients can store their tokens for profit. Here are the betting options:1 day — 1% prize pool from FairSpin GGR3 days — 3% prize pool from FairSpin GGR7 days — 8% prize pool from FairSpin GGRStage 4:In the final stage, the Token dispersion will be announced with limited emanations of 20% in a fraction of a second and 2% from a week to a week, which the client can guarantee at any time.ConclusionTFS is a digital currency that will serve as an alternative payment method within the platform and will open up new opportunities to reward players for actively playing and using TFS tokens within and beyond the boundaries of the platform. Our partnership with TruePlay has helped us mark our loyalty program as well as introduce new features to the platform that will attract new users globally. We are excited to invite you all on this journey with us and lead the way towards the future of Fairspin crypto. I also believe that this project can achieve great success in the future.For more information projectWebsite: http://tfstoken.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/tfsinfo?s=11 medium: https://tfstoken.medium.com/ Telegram Channel: https://t.me/tfstoken_channel Telegram group: https://t.me/tfstoken_group Username: NeymarJrslink url  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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