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 DhabiCoin is your gateway to a revolution that is changing people’s relationships with money*

Blockchain has established itself as a leading technology where many platforms are developing with their advantages. Dhabicoin   is one of them. Dhabicoin is a unique and revolutionary asset, like every asset in the blockchain world, the owner of Dhabicoin can only benefit from its market valuation. Dhabicoin has great potential in Blockchain technology, which has more opportunities to develop in the future, and will grow with its customers. So, buckle up and invest in the best rewarding platform, Dhabicoin with a variety of unique services.

Integration of Dhabicoin with Blockchain

Evolution, technology, financial valuation are signs that DhabiCoin stands out in the blockchain ecosystem, and DhabiCoin is always evolving in the price and adoption of the word blockchain. Blockchain is a specific type of data source. It differs from the average database in the way it stores data; blockchains store information in blocks that happen to be chained together. Since different data will go in, it must be put in a clean block. Once a block is filled with data it is chained to the previous block, which causes the data to be chained to each other in chronological order.

Blockchain Advantages in Dhabicoin

Chain Accuracy

Transactions on the blockchain network are approved by a good network of a large number of computers. This eliminates almost all individual involvement in the verification method, leading to less human error and an accurate record of information.

Cost reduction

Generally, consumers pay banks to verify transactions, notaries to sign documents, or ministers to carry out marriages. Blockchain eliminates the need for shared third acceptance verification and, with it, the costs involved. Companies are charged a small fee each time they accept credit card payments


Blockchain will not store some of its information found in a central location. In contrast, blockchains are usually copied and forwarded over a network of computer systems. Whenever a new block is added to the blockchain, every computer on the network updates its blockchain to reflect the switch.

Safe Transaction

Once a transaction is recorded, its authenticity must be verified by the blockchain network. Thousands of computer systems on the blockchain rushed to confirm that the order details were correct. Once the computer validates the deal, it is added to the blockchain block.

Who can use Dhabicoin?

With a focus not on the product itself, but on people, the network meets the need for many profiles, such as:

Investors:   Those who wish to acquire cryptocurrencies as a form of spending, profit from their appreciation over time. Often, they do not have the necessary knowledge to use market tools, such as opening orders, etc., searching for and then buying or offering their cryptocurrencies in an easy and simple & direct way.

Experienced   traders : traders will invest in cryptocurrencies by performing consistent investment operations, increasing from currency volatility. Instead of just betting on this or that currency, the investor pays attention to market movements and increases in his investment when the market changes, therefore he needs sophisticated equipment for trading and checking.

Novice traders or day traders:   people who are already trading cryptocurrencies, placing trade orders, but usually don’t have the necessary experience to complete their analysis.

Merchants and buyers:   those who want to work with cryptocurrencies for the payment and receipt of products or services in their daily lives. Moreover, they are people who can benefit from blockchain technology through good contracts for various areas of their lives.


The main benefit of electronic forms of money, such as DhabiCoin, is that they allow for fast trades, taking only ten minutes. This is the amount of time it takes to agree a deal. There is no need for agents or banks to intervene in cryptographic cash trading. Cryptographic forms of money, accordingly, are very helpful for both organizations and clients, as they eliminate some of the bank fees that are reflected in the last expense. Binance DEX, the top decentralized exchange, supports a growing digital asset ecosystem:

  • Low transaction fees of only one penny
  • High performance, with a network that can generate blocks every three seconds.
  • A DeFi method that works across the chain to improve DeFi interoperability
  • The Binance ecosystem supports several DeFi initiatives by funding and bootstrapping them.
  • Binance.com and Binance DEX have a thriving ecosystem of millions of users.
  • BSC is already collaborating with a network of significant crypto initiatives.

Enthusiastic and curious:   of course, all the previous profiles fit this profile a bit, consisting of those who want a better understanding of this new world, or investigate their knowledge of technology, its applications, details on costs, and trade.

KYC/AML (know your client  /   anti-money laundering)

A well-implemented KYC policy ensures that the    operations of  Dhabicoin are  in line with the applicable laws of the country on this topic. More than adapting to the law, it is a commitment that the funds obtained through procedures on the network are not used for illicit reasons.

Dhabicoin does not prevent users with incomplete registration from trading, they only impose restrictions, which will be removed when the user completes the required registration information. Network users can still see, in certain areas, all the information they have about data typed, files sent, and info collected instantly, such as their location.

Understanding Tokenization

Tokenization technology is considered a protected cycle that randomizes each client’s card number into tokens. Tokens are a great grouping of characters. Instead of dumping the token number, the framework only needs to store the token. Token code is used instead of card data in exchange, guaranteeing maximum security. In the event of an information leak, the intruder will not get the actual card information because the tokens stored in the framework will not be required for all clients, apart from legitimate payers. This is considered the answer that significant credit and financial organizations have adopted when providing installment cards to their clients.

The Social Network of Dhabicoin

Social networks are perhaps the main facet of Dhabicoin, being the bottom and hyperlinks between other modules. Identical in its procedure to the established system, it includes TimeLine, the possibility to follow various other users and interact through comments, shares, likes, as well as through private messages.

It has important positive aspects over generic platforms:

• Because it includes a KYC system, it is a network without a “fake” profile, a network where many people are identified and you understand that you will be following real people or trading;

• Its members talk about a common focal point, which may be the market and use of cryptocurrencies;

• Encourage interaction between partners that support them to grow as investors. By following leading investors, beginners are better educated and can make smarter investment decisions.

• Observing the activities of others and taking part in discussions helps to try to make better decisions, due to the effect of “group wisdom”.

Dhabicoin brings together social networking platforms, payments, smart contracts, cryptocurrency universities. They understand that the synergies between these platforms, when integrated, provide them with greater value than the sum of the simple parts, creating a revolutionary ecosystem where people can invest, negotiate, pay and receive, and inform and learn about cryptocurrencies. So you can invest here without any confusion.

Pre-Sale of DhabiCoin Dhabi

The DhabiCoin token will be released based on Binance and platform. It’s token compatibility with third party service web3 wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

Starting PRE-SALE: 10 Mar 2021

Number of tokens sold: 300000000 DBC

Acceptable currencies: BNB, ETH, BTC, LTC, BTC, XRP, XLM, USDT, others

Worldwide accepted Fiat currency: Paypal Bank Transfer

PRE-SALE END: 01 July 2021

Token Designation

Token Name: Dhabicoin

Address : 0x220e6A613F00c79025d5611B73639E045B186fF8

Total supply: 3,000,000,000 DBC

Distribution of dhabiCoin tokens Use of proceeds•



Dhabicoin will be a natural framework that combines the usual correspondence stages, insightful arrangements, shares and cryptographic money schools. Because Dhabicoin understands that today’s customers need a phase that can fulfill their crypto needs, and Dhabicoin can be the answer to that. With the existing feature set and a group of specialists, Dhabicoin believes it can provide a powerful and useful advanced money organization, for crypto customers, but also for non-crypto customers who really don’t really understand the intricacies of the many facets of advanced technology . money market.

For More Information DHABICOIN project:

Website : https://dhabicoin.ae/

Whitepaper :  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hP9VhhWtPuI1ON3Iw-8GJLJzRo0wVy_C/view

Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/user/dhabicoin/

Github :  https://github.com/dhabicoin

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/p/CMXPxfqLNQj/?igshid=5xynk3yo7m2g

Linkedin :  http://linkedin.com/in/dhabi-coin-3221a920b

Media :  https://dhabicoin.medium.com/

Twitter :  https://twitter.com/DhabicoinUae

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/Dhabi-Coin-102749701875238/

Telegram :  https://t.me/joinchat/94HGhsK4sDNlN2JkUsername: NeymarJrs link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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