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Orijin Finance

 liquidity pools, and farm produce on various blockchains, including Matic, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. 


Cryptocurrency is a type of money that uses notes that develop as money. Typically, records are created using a methodology comparable to cryptography. Advanced forms of monetary use ‘decentralized control’, which concludes that they are not obligated by a single individual or government. This ranges from the ‘concentration’ of electronic money and commercial banks. Computerized control of any cash works through a scattered record or overview of trades shared by everyone, usually a blockchain, which is populated as a collection of public money-related trading information. #Bitcoin  , first delivered as open source programming in 2009,  occasionally referred to as the underlying decentralized cryptographic money.

The universe of decentralized records revolves around the fusion of standard bank organizations with blockchain development. After bursting onto the scene in August 2018, the business has amassed strong profits and over $67.65 billion in value. Nearly 30 of the 100 best cryptocurrencies today are located by market cap, the same feature in the DeFi project review. This number is likely to continue rising as more monetary benefactors fill the market. If you are hesitant to enter the market, or sink your ties further into it now is the perfect opportunity.

New Type DeFi Protocol

Orijin Finance is also moving to implement the DeFi protocol, which allows users to trade, access liquidity pools, and generate farms on multiple blockchains.
Orijin Finance is the launch pad for DeFi tokens and cross-chain management that allows users to access various DeFi features and invest in potential projects that can provide users with a high return on their investment. And all this can be accessed through a user-friendly interface.

What is Orijin Finance?

Orijin Finance, allows users to trade, access liquidity pools, and generate farms on multiple blockchains — Matic, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.
Orijin makes it easy for anyone to access cross-chain network protocols from one simple user interface and dashboard. We also make it easy for you to visualize your AMM LP, yield fields and other positions to provide a summary of your current performance.
Orijin will also have a cross-chain IDO token launch platform that will allow upcoming innovative projects to access investors.

Access live results on Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Matic & Ethereum.

  1. Earn with Transaction Tax:   We charge a 4% levy transaction tax which is then distributed to holders and stakeholders. Prizes are distributed proportionally.
  2. Perpetual Liquidity Growth:   When a trader sells Orijin tokens, we will charge a 5% transaction tax which is then paired to buy BNB on the market and pair with Orijin tokens and create additional liquidity, thus ensuring a strong base price on each transaction.
  3. Earn in Multiple Ways:   Earn in two ways, Orijin tokens allow you to store in your wallet and earn from what is known as reflection. In addition, upon completion of our platform, we will enable the ability of token holders to stake their tokens and earn returns.
  4. We Locked LP’s Forever :   We will lock liquidity pool tokens for a long period of time to give investors confidence to invest, so when you invest you know it is for the long term.
  5. Original Auditing Standards :   Before we start our pre-sale, our promise to you is that we audit our token smart contracts by a leading smart contract audit firm and we will share the results with you publicly.
  6. Visit our Documents Section:   Learn more by clicking the button below to see our mission, vision and goals for the next 12 months. You can also view details about the Orijin token, our cross-chain platform and more.

Original Financial Features

Orijin Finance is a new type of DeFi protocol that allows users to access various DeFi features on various blockchains and invest in top projects. Orijin Finance makes it easy for users to manage their investments through the provided dashboard. Users can see a summary of their performance, and find out whether their investment is profitable or not. But not only that, there are several other features of Orijin Finance:

  • Unlimited Possibilities:  Orijin Finance provides features that make it easy for users to capture agricultural yield profits and provide liquidity on Binance Chain, Matic Ethereum, and Solana.
  • ILO LaunchPad:  Users can access top cross-chain ILO token projects from the platform provided by Orijin Finance.
  • Super Clean Interface:  Orijin Finance Team designed the interface of the platform to look clean and user-friendly.
  • Focus on Farmers:  Orijin Finance provides analytical features that make it easy for users to maximize yields.

Fungsi Token ORIJIN

ORIJIN Token Metrics ensures transparent incentives between users, token holders and teams. We have ensured that the ORIJIN token has a strong fundamental value that will build value over time for investors.

Earn by Holding:
Simply hold ORIJIN tokens in your wallet and get betting rewards from every transaction that occurs on our smart contracts.

Buyback, Burn & Bet:

  • Every month we will use 50% of all IDO token launchpad revenue to buy back ORIJIN tokens from the public market and burn thereby reducing the supply permanently. So far, more than 70% of supplies have been burned.
  • ORIJIN will charge fees for services in the Orijin Financial Dashboard with 90% entry fee to stakers and 10% to treasury.

ORIGIN Tokenomics

Below you will learn more about the supply of ORIJIN tokens and tokens, including any locks.


Token Pre-Sale Details

Below you will find important details for participating in the Orijin token pre-sale and how to participate.

Development team

Orijin Finance only has competent and professional programmers in its team. To verify this, you can go to their official website. And see how it is done in a professional and modern way. The site is the face of the company, and you should always pay attention to it. If the site has complex elements, beautiful graphics, mobile adaptability, then the team is definitely interested in promoting its products. That will hit the market in the coming weeks.

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