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Meteorite Network

Meteorite Network – Meteorite Finance Ecosystem Defi Protocol

METEORITE DeFi is a movement that leverages a decentralized network to turn legacy financial products into untrustworthy and transparent protocols that run without intermediaries
Meteorite Finance is a Defi “Hold-to-farm” protocol that rewards each holder with a percentage of the cost of each transaction made in its ecosystem. Meteorite finance, recently launched its first product, Meteorbet. Meteorbet is the first cryptocurrency sports betting platform to allow meteorite bet holders on major sporting events and stand a chance to win a number of meteorite tokens.
Every product built under the network will support using $ Meteor, thus creating more use cases for tokens. Meteorbet is a sports betting platform for decentralized finance that allows holders of $ Meteor wagers on major sporting events and has a chance to win a number of meteorite tokens.HOW DOES THE METEORBET SYSTEM WORK?
There are three main operations in the system; Deposits, Withdrawals and Transfers. To access
Meteorbet’s features , users must first create an account to interact with the system.
Click on the REGISTER button on
the home screen.
Fill in the required information and submit.
Fill in the code sent to the email address.
The system automatically creates
a unique betting wallet for each user.


https://www.linkedin.com/embeds/publishingEmbed.html?articleId=7523287806349698928Total Supply: 15000Presale (40%) – 6000Meteorbet Pool (25%) – 3750Team Token (3%) – 450Marketing (10%) – 1500PRICE LISTED: $ 7




The increasing popularity of international sporting events around the world is coupled with the increasing popularity of high-end sports like cricket, baseball. Rising consumer expectations have led to constant participation of big players regarding sports betting and the development of various platforms to meet rising consumer expectations. METEORBET creates a bridge between sports and the Defi space to meet growing expectations and demands.For more information about METEORITE FINANCE:WEBSITE: https://meteorite.network/TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/Meteorite_netTELEGRAM GROUP:   https://t.me/MeteoritenetworkMEDIUM:   https://meteorite.network/INSTAGRAM: https://meteorite.network/Username: NeymarJrslink url  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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