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game platform and historic NFT marketplace for Covid-19 with automatic donations and UNICEF. 

What is SafeCovid?
SaveCovid is a very unique, powerful and transparent project. on the one hand SaveCovid can also be said to be like “SafeStore” or a fun gaming platform and the historic NFT market around Covid-19 with automatic donations to UNICEF. the team presented this big project for future needs. The presence of a project like this will certainly attract a large market investment, so what are you waiting for? Opportunities are right before your eyes, don’t waste this golden opportunity and it’s time for us to build a SafeCovid Family! don’t forget to join and be a part of this Great project

Displays SafeCovid

  • Auto-Staking by fighting Covid-19 anxiety.
    SafeCovid is a three-tier automated custody protocol on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • The reward on each transaction is
    2% for holders, 2% auto-liquidity
  • Three Tier Auto Bet The
    more time you have, the more you will earn. With each new level, your rewards increase.
  • NFT Covid-19 History Museum
    NFTs Community Museum around Covid-19 to commemorate this historic period.
  • Play and donate
    Play, earn and donate. 20% of game transactions are automatically donated to UNICEF
  • Milestone
    13 Airdrops Waterfall is linked to achieving market capitalization. (please see the Airdrop table at the bottom)

How does safeCOVID work?

  • You are a responsible person and believe in yourself. You trust your family to do the right thing too…
  • But what about your neighbors? The guy at the checkout where you bought a pack of gum? Your parents? Cousin?
  • safeCOVID teaches you a new set of skills – making masks cheaply, wearing them properly and washing your hands.
  • Once you go through it and share with the people you live with, you are safe for COVID level 1.
  • When you meet someone in person, you have to insist that they show you their safe level of COVID.
  • If they can’t, or aren’t wearing masks, then you have to assume they’re unsafe and keep your distance politely. The current recommendation is 6 feet, or 2 m.
  • Please don’t harass them, but encourage them to ‘level up’.
  • Every time you meet someone your level takes a hit, but not if you share yours first.
  • The longer you are together, the more similar your level will be.
  • The longer you stay at home, the higher your level.
  • If you meet someone who travels a lot and meets a lot of people, your level will drop.

Transparency of
BSC Networks is increasingly being used because of its low costs and high transaction speeds. Beautiful project based on that. But more and more scams and rugpulls appear every day.

Safecovid is a long term project. We guarantee transparency. With us, your funds are safe.

4.5B SFC has been locked in the Pancake Swap and is subject to a fair launch. This initial liquidity has been locked for one year and every month there will be new liquidity additions and blocks.


  • Total Supply: 7,000,000,000
  • Circulating Liquidity: 4,500,000,000 (64.28%)
  • Tim: (17,14%)
  • Airdrop milestone: 650,000,000 (9.28%)
  • Marketing: 350,000,000 (5%)
  • Game: 300.000.000 (4,29%)

SafeCovid Roadmap

We are on our way

Website 100%

SafePaper 80%

First Lottery & Mini-games 70%

20% mini-game community platform

NFT Marketplace 10%

NFT History Museum

Lists Coin & CoinGecko Market Cap

Register on Exchange


$ SFC Tokenomics

Total Supply 7,000,000,000 Liquidity (Locked)  45000000 Development   ( Website & App & Network) 750,000,000 Marketing 800,000,000 Lottery & Mini-games 300,000,000 Bird Mine 650,000,000


For more information links:

Website: https://safecovid.io/

Docs: https://docs.safecovid.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/safecovidbsc

Telegram: https://t.me/safecovid

Username: NeymarJrs

link url  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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