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Jumble Clash

Jumble Clash – Empower user privacy for BNB transactions

About cash jumble?

Since its transition from an exchange token to a full blockchain, we have seen many exercises in Ethereum giving up on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Designers and companies who choose to bypass any current codebase, should do so with the aim of enhancing the main structure. Not just being an upright imitation cat.

The overall Customer Experience will torment the blockchain space, constantly bidding on ease of use for certain features. To get true customer appeal, Jumble will empower customers to use a striking customer experience that has a built-in guarantee; our program wallet. From a customer and usage perspective, this exhibit, like Metamask, reduces assumptions to absorb data and accelerates the appeal of Jumble

Use Jumble to hide your financial data by combining moves with the resources in the Jumble set, ensuring that all subsequent moves remain confused. Every time you pull away, Jumble promises you to use another area. Going on the journey with generous customer attention:

Keep your secrets.
Hide the source of your assets
Hide your asset resources Hide your trades In
close proximity to the various features we will cover in a future post, we recognize that our special actions combined with our customer driven philosophy can really attract customer security for BNB.

trade Binance Smart Chain is not private. Jumble is a hands-on help that will expand your coverage when running the Binance Smart Chain / BNB. Jumble keeps your trades between addresses. The Match Jumble helps you break all the ties between the old and new mixed BNB by messing up everyone’s coins using the rework estimate that is rounded up phenomenally. This should be done via the Jumble program wallet (coming soon) or directly from the Jumble Pool.

Jumble is completely robotic and works without human assistance. Just when the obfuscated communication was over, the show just killed all associated data. From a development perspective, managers can add more consolidation and change costs even though there are system upgrades that will add to Jumble’s progress

Project benefits

  1. Mixed Pool offers a browser wallet with inherent privacy.
  2. A familiar user experience with complete privacy.
  3. By combining transfers with funds in Jumble pools, you are hiding your financial details, ensuring that all future transfers remain anonymous. Every time you withdraw funds from your account, Jumble makes sure you use a new address.
  4. Keep your wealth a secret
  5. Hide the source of your assets
  6. Hide your trading activity

Mission Jumble Cash’s main objective is to create and forward financial instruments that offer insurance in open cash. With around ~ 85 billion USD in idle value at BNB, we acknowledge that BNB partners get a real sense of serenity regarding their history regarding their money, following prizes, past and future trades. Jumble Cash Bundles takes care of the basic security, easy-to-use interface for sending private trades.

PancakeSwap list

  • Liquidity on post: 12,000,000 JUM
  • Date: April 30th 14:01 UTC
  • JUM fee: 0.0005 BNB
  • Spouse: BNB

$ JUM HODLers can stake their tokens. 80% of all fees collected by the show (at BNB) will be allocated month to month for people checking $ JUM. The extra 20% will be used to help maintain steady new developments and improvements.


How to mix your BNB in ​​the Jumble Cash collection

1. Deposit The
user generates a random key (note) and stores the BNB (BEP20).
Open the Jumble Cash application and connect your BEP20 wallet. Then select the pool you want to deposit: currently Jumble Cash offers 0.1; 1; 10; 100 BNB pools.IMG_20210420_231003.jpg
Keep notes made. You will need this to draw.IMG_20210420_231132.jpg2. Wait
After depositing, users must wait a while before withdrawing to increase their privacy. All subsequent deposits help to make your deposits even more anonymous.IMG_20210420_231431.jpg3. Withdrawal The
user submits proof of having a valid record to one of the stored records and the BNB transfer contract.IMG_20210420_231712.jpg

Detail Token

  • Highest Supply: 100,000,000
  • Starting Supply Supply: 42,175,000
  • Ticker: JUM

IDO round

  • IDO Shipment at BSC Starter: 30,000,000 JUM
  • Tanggal: 28 April 14:00 UTC – 30 April 14:00 UTC
  • JUM Fee: 0.0004 BNB
  • Vesting: 100% open
  • Responsibilities related to money norms: BNB


Jumble Pools uses a completely decentralized and independent show for BNB private trading (BEP20). This allows trade insurance on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to use security-focused estimation to break down the appropriate on-steel between the source of the trade and the target area. Customers talking to their wallets will love using MetaMask. Jumble accomplishes something amazing in the background to improve and gain your security. Non Jumble customers in the same way can use Pools clearly over the web and further increase the level of security which is appreciated by everyone. With Jumble, your trading prospects don’t change but your security increases.

For more information on this project you can view it below:

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