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Rabbit Finance

Rabbit Finance project review

About Rabbit Finance

Rabbit Finance is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based agricultural product protocol released by Rabbit Finance Lab. It supports users participating in liquidity farming through excess borrowing plus leverage to earn more income.
When users have insufficient funds but want to participate in DeFi’s liquidity farm, Rabbit Finance can provide up to 10X the leverage to help users earn maximum revenue per unit of time, and at the same time provide loan pool for users who prefer stable returns. to make a profit.
The world has witnessed the inevitable increase of DeFi decentralized finance from 2020. The trend is likely to get stronger and encourage many new businesses to emerge. Judging from the lending, money management, and exchange program data of Defi, Defi meets the real needs of many investors, which makes the data continue to increase in the chain. At present, the total number of Defi lockouts has exceeded 100 billion USD worldwide.
That’s because Defi has grown in the blockchain market, the birth of Defi allows investors to experience the allure of decentralized financial services. Whether it is a loan, insurance, or money management, it is executed through a code on a chain or predefined rules automatically and without the risk of black brokerage casework. On the one hand, investors tend to be calmer because their funds are held by them; on the other hand, the use of funds is increasing and they have more options when choosing and adjusting their investment strategy.
Currently, various kinds of Defi are popping up endlessly. However, the one-stop Defi product that can meet all types of needs is still not on the market. In this context, Rabbit Finance emerged.

Some of our key features to improve usability are:

  • Flexible deposit options: our vault optimally converts your saved assets and your borrowed BNB or BUSD to get an equal share of value to supply the farm liquidity pool. So for example, for a CAKE / BNB pool, you can deposit any amount of CAKE and / or BNB to start farming without having to do the conversion yourself.
  • Auto-bet: our code bets LP tokens for you on the selected platform (PancakeSwap, etc.) automatically, so you can start earning prizes right away.
  • Sustainable compounding: bounty hunters monitor the amount of bounty earned in each batch and help all farmers reinvest them. Our smart contracts can sell your prizes (CAKE, etc.), turn them into LP tokens for the batch you grow, and incorporate them into your farming principles so you can get the most out of your APY.
  • Claim the RABBIT prize any time: by opening a leveraged farm position, you will get a bonus prize which can be claimed at any time on the betting page.

As the predecessors of this area such as Link, COMP, and BAL struggled alone, Rabbit Finance, which was late, had begun to push for resource integration to be one-of-a-kind for all Defi.
The ecology definition, at Rabbit Finance, ambitiously includes modules such as the lever gun pool + arithmetic stablecoin, NFT + arithmetic stablecoin. For Rabbit Finance, they hope to build a Defi ecology through a combination of interrelated and easy functions.

This allows users to experience multiple contexts of DeFi usage in a one-stop manner, as well as making rich profits. Features and Value of Rabbit Finance
1. Cora
lenders store their BNB in ​​our vault; the assets are available for borrowing by the yield farmers; he earns interest for providing this liquidity.
2. Dunn
a yield farmer wants to open a leveraged yield farm position in the BTC / BNB pair; he borrowed BNB from the vault and enjoyed higher yielding agricultural produce.
3. Rabbit
Finance’s smart contract handles all the behind-the-scenes mechanisms optimally transferring assets to the right ratio, providing liquidity to the pool, and staking LP for Pancake Rewards
4. Gary the
liquidator monitors the health of each leveraged position, and when it goes beyond the prescribed parameters, he helps to liquidate the positions, ensuring the lender doesn’t seem to lose his capital. For this service, he takes a 5% reward from liquidated positions.
5. The
bounty hunter James monitors the amount of bounty earned in each batch and helps reinvest it, which combines returns for all farmers. For this service, he takes 0.4% of the prize pool as a reward. 30% as buyback funds, which will be used for RABBIT buyback and deflation. The remaining 69.6% will be converted into LP from the pool and guaranteed again to get multiple returns.

Additionally, when bounty hunters pitch in the pool and make reinvestments, 30% of the bounty pool is used as repurchase funds to promote the token’s value.
Why does reinvestment increase token value? This can be explained by the relationship between supply and demand in economics. When demand exceeds supply, the asset value will inevitably increase. According to the Rabbit Finance deflation mechanism, 30% of reinvestment revenue is used to buy back funds to achieve sustainable token deflation. In the author’s perspective, the Rabbit deflation mechanism will be a vital factor in realizing the token price. Continuous buyback and disposal allows the volume of token supply to decrease on a limited scale. This will encourage the token to become even more valuable. When Rabbit reaches its implementation, the token price is expected to increase simultaneously.
30% of the bounty pool is used as buyback funds to promote the value of the token. For this service, 0.4% of the bounty pool is given directly to the bounty hunter as a reward, the remaining 69.6% will be converted into pool LP and another promise of multiple returns. The immense power provided by repeat investing allows investors to earn more.

Except for the increase in value driven by token deflation, Rabbit has several other values. For example, before Rabbit appeared, the gun pool token could do nothing but regulate. However, Rabbit holders can mortgage their shares to the board to distribute bonuses. As long as Rabbit Finance is profitable, the holder is given the right to distribute bonuses as shareholders and make money easily.
NFT (Non-fungible Token) is a growing niche market for almost anyone to take the opportunity. Specialists estimate that NFT has the potential to become one of the world’s largest markets. The Rabbit Authority has put a lot of thought into the token. Rabbit Finance Lab will continue to empower Rabbit tokens, for example Rabbit holders can take NFT artwork that is issued irregularly, and Rabbit will be automatically locked during this period. Its circulation will be blocked and its value is expected to be withdrawn in the short term. Holding an NFT can speed up mining, empowering the NFT with value with Rabbit’s help.
The two parties are a reciprocal relationship, meaning that holding Rabbit allows the NFT holder to hold, the NFT token appreciation reacts to Rabbit’s appreciation.

What are RABBIT tokens?

The RABBIT token is Rabbit Finance’s governance token. This will also capture the economic benefits of the protocol. There will be a maximum of 200 million R tokens for the KELINCI distribution

1. Community pool
79.75% of the total supply, about 159.5 million RABBITS.
RABBIT will be released over two years on a rotting emissions schedule, and will be distributed evenly throughout the ecosystem as a community reward.
2. Institutional Base
5.25% of the total supply, 10,500,000 KELINCI
Provide investment quota of 5.25% for well-known institutions and investors. After the investment is complete, 245,000 RABBIT will be released every 7 days, and 10,500,000 RABBIT will be released within 300 days (about 10 months). The specific time will be determined, please pay attention to the follow-up announcement.
Hard hat: 10,500,000 RABBIT = 525,000 USDT
Exchange ratio: 1 rabbit = 0.05 USDT
3. Development Fund
10% of the total supply, approximately 20,000,000 KELINCI
10% of the tokens distributed will be used to fund development and team expansion, and will be subject to the same two-year award as the tokens from the Fair Launch Distribution.
4. Warchest funds
5% of the total supply, about 10,000,000 RABBIT.
5% of the tokens distributed are reserved for future strategic spending. In the first month, 250,000 tokens were released for listing, auditing, third party services and partner liquidity fees.

Community collection release program

The RABBIT token will be released over a two year period with a rotting emission schedule, and will be distributed evenly across the ecosystem as a community reward.
In total, there will be 159,500,000 RABBITS. In order to incentivize early adopters, there will be a bonus period for the first weeks. Below is our planned block reward schedule. Based on this, the profile of the circulating RABBIT supply can be plotted.

Officially Launched

Leveraged yield farming is launched, farmers can open leveraged yield farm positions and earn RABBIT prizes.When we complete our smart contract audit, we’ll unlock the leveraged farm function, thus completing our round of services. Our current forecast for this is the end of April 2021We will make a separate announcement to the community in advance before launching Phase 2The bonus period lasts approximately one week, after the project officially starts, the Rabbit allocation plan will be updated as follows:40% is distributed to liquidity providers for the RABBIT pool – at PancakeSwap25% distributed to lenders who deposit BNB or BUSD and other tokens into our vaults – prizes will be divided equally among the pool35% distributed to users who open a position to farm the crops – the reward will be calculated based on the loan amount; only leveraged positions (> 1x) will receive the prize

Allocation of Pools

Below is the allocation of points for each pool that determines the rewards distributed.

Bonus Period

Open the safe deposit vault & pancakeswap liquidity pool  ,  mission level: 42 RABBITS / block. It lasted about a week.

Pools – RINGS / blocks

Deposit Group  :  ibBNB – 2.52Deposit Pool: ibBUSD – 2.52Deposit Pool: ibUSDT – 2.52Deposit Pool: ibUSDC – 2.52Deposit Pool: ibDAI – 2.52Deposit Collection  :  ibBTCB – 2.52Deposit Pool: ibETH – 2.52Deposit Group  :  ibCAKE – 2.52Pancakeswap RABBIT-BNB LP – 21.84.0

To conclude

Rabbit Finance fully utilizes and adopts the advantages of projects in the market, using over-leveraged agricultural products with the advantages of Alpaca Finance and Badger Finance, creatively incorporating an algorithm-stable coin mechanism to empower the RABBIT token. Across the economic ecology of Rabbit Finance, the RABBIT token, endowed with more application scenarios, represents not only the governance rights and interests of the leveraged farming protocol, but also the rights and interests of token shareholders of the RUSD algorithm stable coin.Rabbit Finance can provide leverage of up to 10X to help users earn maximum income per unit time, and at the same time provide a pool of loans for users who prefer stable returns to make a profit.For more information, follow the link below:
Rabbit Finance website:  http://rabbitfinance.io/
Github:  https://github.com/RabbitFinanceProtocol
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/FinanceRabbit
Telegram:  https: // t. me / RabbitFinanceEN
Dispute:  https://discord.gg/tWdtmzXS
Contract information:  https://app.gitbook.com/@rabbitfinance/s/homepage/resources/contract-information
Audit report:  https: //app.gitbook. com / @ rabbit finance / s / homepage / resources / audit-reportsUsername: NeymarJrslink url  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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