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Magic Balancer

Get Rewards through Magic Balancer

About the Magic Balancing Project?

Magic Balancer is a deflationary governance DEFI token that rewards active users via the Smart Contract protocol, while seamlessly combining transactional rewards with liquidity rebalancing features.

MGB tokens are designed to be sustainable and maximize their value by actually deflating and encouraging users to be active by offering amazing rewards. Each reward distributed by MGB tokens never hurts the overall supply, this means that the growth of MGB tokens will never be hindered in any way.

Every Magic Balancer protocol is built to be 100% untrustworthy and requires no human interaction to keep it running. This ensures that all Magic Balancer protocols can run forever and are never shut down by the results of human intervention. It also means that as a token holder you don’t have to put your trust in any human being for any reason. Feature1. Balance is back

Each $ MGB rebalance token price can go up to% 2. This can happen hourly up to 24 times a day! After 1 week Presale expires $ 1 MGB worth of $ 4000 for this mechanism.

2. Exchange

The exchange is an automated market maker (“AMM”) which allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Mainnet.

3. ETH ~ BSC Bridge

A mechanism that allows the exchange of tokens between cross-chains without permanent loss.Why is Binance Smart Chain?

With the enormous Ethereum gas price, we wanted to provide a way to help combat them with the ability to trade on the BSC blockchain. Transaction fees are very low when compared to the same transaction fees on ethereum, a BSC transaction can be as low as 5 cents.

We want to give all MGB holders the opportunity to build a 2 and usable ecosystem despite the bottlenecks and costs that sometimes suffer when using the ethereum blockchain.
Is There a Code Difference Between the ETH-BSC Chain?

No, there is no fundamental difference between the two chains but there are minor value modifiers (eg% 1 reward funchion caller for BSC)
What is the difference between the BSC ecosystem and the ETH ecosystem?

Since each blockchain has its own ecosystem, the two chains have their own lives, this means that the prices in the BSC may not always be the same on the ETH blockchain.
Will there be a BSC to ETH bridge?

Yes, we are planning to launch our own MGB token bridge which will allow you to swap your BEP20 MGB for ERC20 MGB and vice versa. But until this is done, you won’t be able to trade the entire chain.
How do I interact with the BSC contract at Magic Balancer?

Just change the network on your Metamask or use a BSC wallet to connect our site. For the BSC we are currently developing a magic balancer for the ethereum network.
Did the Magic Balancer Team develop its own BSC swap?

Yes, the BSC exchanges we use are tailor-made by the development team, who are best placed to handle our custom token metrics and provide the best possible security. There’s a built-in LP lock inside the swap too so you can be sure that all LPs are locked for 90 days at a time. Swap is currently very limited in its ability to handle trades with tokens which have special metrics so we need to develop our own swaps to suit our mechanism. We also improved our repurchase structure with our own swaps as we coded the repurchase capability to be able to remove only the MGB amount from LP, saving a lot of steps in the repurchase process.

$ MGB Token The KEY $ MGB mechanism ensures that the uniswap price continues to increase in value (Assuming neutral Market pressure). This is done by temporarily removing a portion of the liquidity from the $ MGB / ETH pair, buying the $ MGB market with ETH, then burning the entire remaining $ MGB. Basically rebalancing the Uniswap $ MGB / ETH pair and increasing the $ MGB value in relation to ETH. This token is specially designed to be integrated into the Necromancer ecosystem. The $ MGB token is very simple and only has two functions. The A1% function is added to liquidity when selling. , buy, and txn ~ This allows us to continue to have liquidity to run Function B. LP Rewards ~ Every time function two is called, all $ MGB from function one is distributed to the LP provider. ~ All you need to do to get this reward is to provide liquidity. After MagicSwap is released All taxes go to the address to be added to the $ MGB / rETH on MagicSwap The Liquidity Buy and Burn function is available once an hour and can be called by anyone. Callers of the function will receive 5% of $ MGB in incentives to spend Gas. (% 1 for BSC)

When the function is called: 2% of the liquidity is removed Liquidity is then divided into ETH and $ MGB The ETH market buys $ MGB 95% of the MGB then burns 5% of the MGB sent to the function caller (to incentivize the user’s expenditure gas, for 1% BSC)

Tokenomics for ETH Chain

300,000 MGB – Total Supply  https://etherscan.io/token/0xf4f3d6a60765bf705b27716f50fccba5f0ea0ca1
150,000 MGB – Pre-Sales
85,000 MGB – Initial Liquidity
35,000 MGB – Marketing, Promotion and Community Engagement.
30,000 MGB –
Presale Team Tokens – 1 ETH = 999 MGB ($ 1.5)
Presale Max Buy = 3 ETH ($ 4,500)
Early Enrollment – 1 ETH = 799 MGB ($ 1.88) ~ 25% higher than presale
Hardcap = 30 ETH ($ 45,000)
70% ETH (21 ETH – $ 31,500) is reserved for liquidity.
20% ETH (6 ETH – $ 9,000) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community building, cex lists and expansion teams.
10% ETH (3 ETH – $ 4,500) pre-sale referral reward.
based on a price of ETH $ 1500.00

Tokenomics for BSC
300,000 MGB – Total Supply  https://bscscan.com/token/0xf78839b9e972cf15014843a7ca5ebf1e321a284c
150,000 MGB – Presale
85,000 MGB – Initial Liquidity
35,000 MGB – Marketing, Promotion and Community Engagement.
30,000 MGB –
Presale Token Team – 1 BNB = 99 MGB ($ 2.5)
Presale Max Buy = 30 BNB ($ 7,500) ~ No min
Initial Listing amount – 1 BNB = 79 MGB ($ 3.16) ~% 25 higher than
presale Presale Hardcap = 300 BNB ($ 75,000)
70% BNB (210BNB – $ 52,500) reserved for liquidity.
20% BNB (60 BNB – $ 15,000) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community building, cex lists and expansion teams.
10% BNB (30 BNB – $ 7,500) pre-sale referral reward.
based on the $ 250.00 BNB
Magic Balancer Community price

Official Site:  http://magicbalancer.org/
Whitepaper:  https://github.com/MagicBalancer/Whitepaper/blob/main/whitepaperv1.pdf
Telegram:  https://t.me/magicbalancer
Github:  https: // github .com / magicbalancer
Medium:  https://wizarddefi.medium.com/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/magicbalancer
Snapshot:  https://vote.magicbalancer.org
Governance:  https://vote.magicbalancer.org

Username: NeymarJrs link url https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122426

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