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Global ecommerce ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, and hyperlocal C2C

Greetings this new post I want to present in a very interesting and good project called “I want the market”, for more detailed information, let’s move on to the next discussion:We will provide articles to present the ”   WANT MARKET    ” project for prospective Platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main goal is to provide information to everyone, so they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of getting tokens or investing.WANT Market runs a global ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, hyperlocal, social C2C, private groups and secure e-commerce-based e-commerce markets supported by shopping search engines, relational contextual images, sounds and text-based search engines.With WANT and the Benipal Market, we have a vision to control the life cycle of a product, from the first sale by producers to distributors to further sales to wholesalers, then to online retailers or local stores and finally to final sales as the second. hand products.B2B Trading is a Trillion Dollar business in the United States only and we aim to provide our B2B solutions not only in the United States, but globally, in India and also Southeast Asia with our Android market already in the Play Store.Our B2C products will also serve the same market and our O2O products, which are already on the Google Play Store, will focus on India and Southeast Asia and Latin America. Our C2C market is launching soon and our iOS, web version is under development. At the heart of our market is our core shopping search technology, in continuous development since 2009 and able to carry out highly complex contextual, relational images, text and voice based search.

1. The validity of the translation

This project will get funds for users of various trading platforms. In the B2B segment, the package that provides the verified buyer and seller basic data is $ 1999, and users will also pay $ 99 per month for message delivery costs. In the US, the package fee will be $ 999, in India – $ 199. Users will also pay a 3% commission for all sales. The project team will conduct training and training in Asian countries to train entrepreneurs to connect to the internet and make a list of products in their stores. This training will also require a small amount of money.

2. Amount of currency received

The project accepts liquid currencies such as: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR, LTC.

3. Token emission

In this project there are a number of tokens. During the STO period, 100,000,000 WNT tokens will be available.

4. Discounts for purchasing tokens

Discounts for purchasing tokens are 28%.

5. Road Map

In the technology map provided, the project objectives are until 2020. After ICO, the developers will raise funds as follows: 15% – “Project development, 10% -” Create offices “, 60% -” Marketing “, 5% -” Call Centers “, 10% -” Project team “

6. SOFT / HARD CAP Ratio

This project has a bad SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio, which has a negative impact on investment attractiveness. The SOFT and HARD CAP values ​​are $ 2,000,000 and $ 20,000,000, respectively.

7. Bring MVP

The project has been developed by MVP.

8. Risk assessment and insurance

The Security Token Offer (STO) forms a token, which means an inventory of security assets, profits, and cash flow. In addition, STOs must determine investor and securities regulations. This increases corporate accountability, reduces accountability in the market and ensures the protection of investor rights, which supports an increase in project investment attractiveness

Why Invest? WANT?


● Marketing: 60.00● Technology Improvement: 15.00%● Team Building: 10.00%● Office Opening: 10.00%● Call Center: 5.00%Bonuses and discounts● Personal Sales: -40%● Pre-Sales: -33%● Start of Public Sales: -16%SUMMARY1. Typing: Pre-ICO2. Category: Industry3. Team verified: No.4. Investor whitelist: No.5. KYC Investor: No.6. Soft cap: 2 000 000 USD7. Target funding (Hard cap): 20 000 000 USD8. Tokens for sale: 100 000 000 WNT9. Token Price: 1 WNT = 0.18 USD10. Minimum purchase: 1.00 USD11. Airdrop Program: No.12. The gift program: yes13. Have an escrow agent: No.14. Has a working prototype: yes15. White paper: Open it16. Currency: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR, LTC17. Platform: Ethereum18. Type of token: ERC2019. Typing: Security token20. Location: British Virgin Islands21. Website: https://benipal.comRoadmapNovember 2019 – January 2020Employs senior levels for Indian, US and Global operations. Position based in New York and India.December 2019Open India Call Center and Office. Start Marketing for B2B Android Marketplaces in India.February 2020Start Marketing for the O2O Android Market in India. Launch iOS versions of all MarketsMarch 2020Open Phoenix, AZ Call Center for the United States B2B Sales Start marketing for the United States B2B market on iOS. Launch all web versions of the MarketApril 2020Open a Philippines-Based Call Center Open an Office in Singapore Start Marketing for O2O Android, iOS, Market the Web in Southeast Asia Start Marketing for the Beni-C2C market in IndiaMay 2020Start marketing for the Global B2B Marketplace – WANT on Android, iOS and the Web. Start marketing beni – the C2C market in the United States. Launch of Crypto Marketplace – Road GloballyJune 2020Start Advertising for Beni – C2C Marketplace in Southeast Asia on iOS, Android, and Web Launch WANT – B2C marketplace in India on Android Launch of the high-end Fashion market that focuses in the United StatesMore info:
Website:  https://benipal.com
Personal Sales  https://benipal.com/privatesale.html
Whitepaper:  https://benipal.com/assets/files/WANT_Marketplaces_STO_White_Paper_V1.pdf
Facebook:  https: // facebook .com / wantmarketplaces
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/wantmarketplace
Telegram: [ https://t.me/wantmarketplaces

Username: barynwel
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2653688

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